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Facts about Cookie Diet

How about a diet plan that allows you to have those yummy delicious cookies? Interesting isn’t it? There is a diet plan named Cookie Diet that makes it possible. You are let to have cookies but not the regular ones. These are specially made cookies that consist of low calories and low sugar. These are made exclusively for weight reduction.

The ingredients of these specially made cookies contain oats, maize, cereals, bran and wheat flour. Some dieters who have strong taste buds are not satisfied with these flavors and so some more varieties were added to the list namely almond, raisin, coconut and chocolate. The bad news about this diet is you can eat only one meal per day.

The Working of the Diet

This is a very low carb and low calorie program and as well a nutritious one. Unlike three meals per day, only one meal is permitted, preferably dinner. It must consist of high protein food and fresh vegetables. About six cookies are allowed per day with any number of glasses of water. In other words, you must keep your tummy full by eating cookies and drinking water and have the scheduled meal only at night.

If followed properly, you can witness effective results, as your diet constitutes just seventy grams of carbs a day. You need to be very restrictive in order to see fruitful results. Some might even take suppressant drugs in order to suppress their hunger before dinnertime. This in short period will reduce their stomach size.

However, there are certain complaints about this diet plan. Some have complained that they are not satisfied with the diet as it is mostly cookies and that they are fed up of it. Some health experts have proved that the cookie diet plan is unhealthy and fails to provide necessary nutrients to the body, thus leading to lack of stamina and energy to carry on the daily chores. Only one meal per day involves fruits and vegetables but a very less amount. This, however, might reduce the weight but the required vitamins, minerals and proteins needed for the bodies are missing. Also this plan, like other routine diet plans, leads to gaining weight if the diet schedule is not followed. How long can people survive by just eating cookies and one meal a day? When will they relish the delicious dishes?

Who Can Follow This Diet Plan?

Before starting the diet plan, it is advisable for you to consult a doctor and know your health condition. For some people this diet may be dangerous especially for those whose BMI is high and who are obese. This is a drastic weight reduction plan. Only those, who want to come down in weight in short span, can go for this because as per medical experts’ version, this weight loss program is not a healthy way of losing weight. This might sound suitable for celebrities and models that need to be on crash diet but not for normal people like us.

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