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Does Detox Diet Make Any Change?

The most popular of all the diets is the Detox diet. As years pass by, people are becoming more health conscious, and are concerned with keeping their bodies fit. This detox diet is formulated to cleanse the body of toxins and other harmful substances. This is done by transforming the toxins to such a form so that it is removed from the body by urination or bowel movements.

The Working of Detox Diet

The substances that are cleansed by this diet are pesticides, cigarette smoke, medications, food additives and other negative substances that you take in or inhale. There are a variety of detox diets based on the situations. The common thing every detox diet has is its duration is small. None of the detox diet is formulated for an extended period of time. However, it has to be followed for about a week to get a fruitful result.

A first vital point that the detox diet insists is to eat organic food, in which there is negligible amount of pesticides. Also these foods you eat are high in vitamins and minerals that are said to assist in detoxification. Other common things include liquids and foods that are high in fiber. This is because these liquids and high fiber foods helps to promote urination and bowel movements, which is the only outlet for detox diet to remove harmful toxins from your body.

Though this diet is said to be popular, there are few health experts who claim that this diet plan does not work. They argue that short term diets does not cleanse the body of harmful substances, and for such diet plan to work, it would take a quite longer time. However, the detox diet has remained the best of all the diet plans.

The Merits of a Detox Diet

There are many advantages in following this diet. This detox diet has proved to have increased concentration and mental clarity. Also following this diet has led to clear skin and enhanced energy level. However, there are also side effects.

First of all, you should consult a doctor before trying detox diet plan. Nursing or pregnant women are advised to step away from any type of detox diet. People with any kind of illnesses such as diabetes, thyroid disease and kidney disease should stay away form this.

The Demerits of a Detox Diet

Some of the disadvantages of this are as follows. This diet is too tough to be followed. It not only requires drastic changes in your food habits, but also the body needs to adjust. Some of the side effects in the initial stage include headaches. This may or may not be caused by the detox diet. Diarrhea is a prominent complaint of this detox diet. And if the diet is continued for a longer period of time, it would lead to vitamin and protein deficiencies. Always it is better to consider your health condition and look for reviews in the net before following this diet plan.

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