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A Diet to Control Diabetes

How nice it would be if diabetic patients have a diet that could control their diabetes? May be certain diet plans might have separate advises and suggestions for diabetics, but there is no such diet formulated exclusively for diabetics. A diabetic diet can rather be defined as the one that allows diabetics to consume well-balanced meals. Your doctor will prescribe you the kind of foods that you should eat if you are a diabetic. It is nothing but a diet that keeps the sugar levels under control. Diabetics must have a careful watch on what they eat. Some foods that are high in sugar can shoot up the sugar levels of a diabetic.

Food Chart for Diabetics

There are many tasty foods that provide great taste, and are also safe for diabetics. Common food items such as white bread and regular pasta have to be stopped, as they are quickly converted to blood sugar, and raise the sugar levels. If you want to eat rice or pasta, order for wheat rice and wheat pasta.

Another breakfast favorite is the oatmeal, which can be added, in any diabetic diet. It is a carb, which does not affect you much. Oatmeal has a lot of soluble fiber, so it takes longer time to digest thereby does not cause a sudden increase in your sugar level. Another advantage is that it fills your stomach for a longer period than some other food items. Thus you eat less and it assists you if you are trying to lose weight. Oatmeal is also a better substitute for white bread.

If you don't like to make oatmeal a part of your diabetic diet, then go for barley instead. Barley is very rich in fiber, and research shows that it can also help you to control your blood sugar level. Some dieticians advise replacing rice with barley or oatmeal. It is even better if you can add both of these to your diabetic diet. Other than these oatmeal and barley, a decent diabetic diet must constitute loads of fresh vegetables. Leafy vegetables, like lettuce, cabbage and spinach are best suited for a diabetic diet. Dieticians generally feel that these are rich in fibers. High fiber is good for both diabetics and non–diabetics.

Portion control is vital when including starchy vegetables in your diabetic diet. These vegetables are high in carbohydrates, and raise your blood sugar level. So if you cannot sustain without starchy vegetables, then eat smaller portions of them. Some of them include peas, beans, radish and potatoes.

If you want to follow a diabetic diet plan then you should consult your doctor. Your doctor might suggest you an eating plan or recommend you to a nutritionist. This step is most important as diabetes is a serious disease and must not be overlooked. Insulin level must be kept stable in your body. There are not many demerits in this diet plans like others. However, this diet plan is not very popular and has been followed by only few diabetics.

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