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The Diverticulitis Diet – Very Important Diet for You

Before we move on to what this diet means, let me define the term diverticulitis. It refers to the painful condition of the intestines. When the pockets (diverticula) in the intestines’ walls gets inflamed or infected then this condition prevails. People of age forty and above generally experience this.

The cause for this condition is still not found and defined. There are many guesses and assumptions made regarding the cause. One such is that this condition occurs when food particles, such as small seeds, get trapped in the pockets of the intestines. However, this has not been proved. Regardless of the cause of this condition, one of the best ways to combat this is to follow the diet named diverticulitis diet.
When you are diagnosed with this condition, you would not feel like eating. So your diet must be fruits and cereals, which are low in carb and fat. Food items that would decrease the movement of the bowels are recommended. Generally fibers are good for your health but in this condition that should be the last thing you eat. The more fiber you eat, more bowel movement, this in turn reduces the time of heal of the intestines. If you are not able to take the necessary quantity food, then the health experts might advice you to take vitamin and protein supplements to keep up your stamina and energy level.

What Does This Diet Constitute?

Basically, any food items that restrict your bile excretion and bowel movements can be taken. As mentioned above, try your maximum to avoid dishes that are high in fiber. Some food items that can be taken are listed here namely noodles, pasta, white bread. Coming to liquids, juices can be taken but preferably avoid prune juices as it causes bowel movement and you might find it irritating. Prune juices are good for bowel movement and is worst if you need the opposite reaction. You can also eat tomato and applesauce and fruits like muskmelon, watermelon, peaches and citrus fruits. Raisins, almonds and other nuts and dry fruits must be avoided as well. They all lead to maximum bowel movement.

When you are following this diet plan, any vegetable can be taken. Potatoes, radish, onions, tomatoes and cucumber can be taken. Depending on each person, if a particular vegetable causes more bowel movement then avoid it. Also leafy vegetables like lettuce, spinach can be avoided.

Pros and Cons

Though it helps your intestines to heal soon, however it is better you get back to your regular diet, when you start feeling better. It has been proved that high fiber foods help to prevent diverticulitis. Your body for a healthy living requires certain amount of fibers, vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Following this diet, your intestines get healed but you are prone to other bodily abnormalities due to the weakening of your immune system. So rather than starving, it is always better to save yourself from falling to that condition as per the proverb” Prevention is better than cure”.

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