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How Fast You Lose Weight With Medifast?

The market is full of new diet plans and you might be tired of trying each one of them. If you are bored of fad diets, then you must try out Medifast. It concentrates on food control and low calories. It is said to assist you in losing weight quicker than any other programs. However, this is still under debate. One of the advantages of this is that it is easy to use, as it has no calories chart and points counting. The rival for this Medifast is weight watchers which work mainly on calorie charts.

Medifast and It's New Plan

The Medifast Plan lets you to take five meals a day. Most of the meals must constitute of Medifast products. And the last meal can consist of your regular dishes purchased from your favorite restaurants. There is no particular order to have your meals. It can be taken in any order. So you can eat the Medifast meals first and at the last the regular meal or the other way round.

One of the major complaints of this is the cost. The products cannot be replaced by any other meal, as it has its own benefits hidden in it. On an average, five meals are needed per day which amounts to about $140 for a fortnight. However, the package contains a lot of food. Say for instance, let us looks at women’s one month package. It includes

  • Around fifty shakes that includes flavors like Vanilla, Strawberry, Banana, Orange and Chocolate.
  • Around thirty Nutri bars with ingredients like oatmeal, mint, chocolate chips, caramel, and raisins.
  • Around twenty five oatmeal packets of various flavor namely apple, cinnamon, and peach.
  • Around thirty tins of soups ranging from tomato cream, sweet corn, noodle, vegetable stew and chicken rice.
  • About seven banana and apple puddings.
  • About ten cappuccinos.

Isn’t that a long delicious list? Other than this, you can also order individual items. You can also add any item of your choice as long as it does not disrupt your meal plan. On seeing at all these, the price doesn’t play a major role. And for your regular meal, you don’t need any Medifast products and it can be simple and balanced meal with sufficient proteins and vitamins.

What Is The Change?

The change can be seen only after you have lost certain amount of weight. The ultimate goal is to slowly return to eating foods that you were restricted from. For instance, you will be permitted to eat vegetables, fruits and milk products. Gradually adding this high calorie food back into your diet, allows your body to get back to normalcy. Medifast also has a separate plan called Transition Plan to assist you in this process.

The plan is for the first four weeks, you will add a different food item to your meal each week. In the first week, more vegetables are added; in the second week fruits are added, and then gradually comes dairy and whole grains. The length of your transition is directly proportional to weight you lose.

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