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Nutrisystem Diet

The NutriSystem diet program is a prolonged weight loss system. Like other diet plans, this is not a quick weight loss program. If you want to follow this diet program, then you will be asked to buy their packaged food. They insist you to purchase their packaged food for a month so that you don’t run away in between. This period also gives you time to analyze the diet plan and order more for the preceding months.

You can either select your choice of food items or go with the pre-defined food package. The package plans includes Men’s Program, Women’s Program, Vegetarian’s Program, Non Vegetarian’s Program and Diabetic’s Program. Each of these packages constitutes breakfasts, lunch, snacks, juices and desserts. If you are not satisfied with the packages, then you can switch to other packages for the next following orders. You can also choose from various NutriSystem food items and assemble them.

One of the major complaints that most people have about this diet plan is that it is very expensive. A month’s food costs about $280 to $300.Other than this, you need to purchase vegetables, fruits, milk products separately. However you are provided with a discount of ten percent along with free shipping if you choose auto-delivery. This option reorders your food automatically every month unless you unsubscribe from the plan.

NutriSystem – As Simple As That

The NutriSystem diet is a simple diet plan. You don’t have to maintain a chart of points or calories. As long as you follow the NutriSystem food plan, everything is by default counted and measured by them. Every food item is made keeping in mind the goal of the diet plan, so you need not worry about overeating and the intake of calories, fats and carbs.

The pre-packaged foods of NutriSystem are rich in proteins and fibers and low in calories and fat. This diet plan does not restrict you from eating. You can even eat more than three times a day. What more you need than this? It provides you with variety of foods and also helps you lose weight. Isn’t this a dream come true? You must also take vegetables and fruits along with this.

Unlike other diet plans, the NutriSystem diet has no offline offices. There are no weight loss centers of NutriSystem. Due to financial troubles they had in the past, they ceased offline operations and have only online offices. This in one way is an advantage, as you are no longer asked to attend support meetings.

How Does The Food Taste?

Some of the complaints by the people are the terrible taste of the food. It is told that there are not many varieties and thus you get bored of the plan after a point of time. One can sustain with this diet may be for sometime but not forever. However, if losing weight is what matters for you, then neglect all these criticisms and you go ahead and experience it by yourself.

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