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What Is Weight Watcher?

Are you one of those who struggle in reducing your weight and following various diet programs? Weight Watchers is a plan which is different from the other diet which makes you restrict yourself to some of the favorite food. In this the importance is given to nourishment, work out and counseling, instead of deprivation.

The Weight Watchers Program

The plan allocates each foodstuff a particular number of score. The score is limited to how much weight you want to lose. The advantage in following this program is that you can eat whatever you wish. You can eat an entire container of ice cream, which would accumulate a bunch of points, and the rest of the day you wouldn’t be able to eat anything. Weight Watchers lets you take small share of any foodstuff you like. Rather than eating a container of ice-cream, you can have 2 scoops and spend the rest of your score on a good meal.

Does The Score System Really Work?

It all depends on how much weight you want to lose. A recent study was made on the Weight Watchers program participants. It was found that in those two years in following the program, participants in an average lost seven pounds. Another group who attended most of the weekly meetings on an average lost twelve pounds after two years. It is not a significant amount in loss of weight in a period over two years.

Many people want to lose seven to twelve pounds in just a month, not per year. To lose weight very quickly Weight Watcher will not suit you. This program will not benefit obese people who want to lose weight. It is better to do more research, and see if the program suits you.

Certain people do well with the program. With the appropriate exercise and nourishment, one can lose weight more than others. In case you're not interested in scoring pattern, try the program’s foods chart. It offers a catalog of permitted foodstuff which can be taken in small portions.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Weight Watchers


  • The program score system lets you eat a balanced meal.
  • You gain knowledge of portion control. The scores support you to eat lesser portions of a various foods.
  • You can take total control of the kind of foodstuff you take in.


  • The program can be costly. The support meetings are charged and rates can change depending on your location. You may have to pay monthly for the setup. If you purchase the meals, that's an added expense.
  • People get frustrated with the scoring system on what they eat.
  • For people who want to lose weight quickly Weight Watchers is not the right program.

Physical exercise and meditation matters more than what diet plan you choose. A diet chart along with a healthy consumption of food assures you in losing weight.

Build up eating habits which are healthy, and stay away from being over weighed.

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