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Brewing Green Tea

Green tea has become one of the daily drinking beverages among maximum people all over the world. Some people who want to obtain the benefits of green tea are taking green tea in different forms as supplements of green tea are available in the market. The reason for such people to go for such supplements instead of having the natural drink is absence of knowledge of brewing of green tea. Brewing of Green tea is not that tedious process as thought by many who are unaware of making. It is an easy process and can be brewed without the help of second person. Here you can get some simple methods of brewing green tea at home and the benefits of it.

Taste and quality

Green tea lovers would tell you to go for green tea which has been brewed for not more than one minute in hot water that has not yet reached its boiling point if taste is your prime point. If boiled for more than one minute then green tea imparts a kind of bitter flavor. Researchers have found that green tea brewed under boiling point for more than one minute for longer steeping time is more beneficial as polyphenol amount increases in the green beverage. Polyphenols are the antioxidants that give all the expected good results for your health fulfilling the need for which you are drinking it daily or as you wish. But taking daily is said to be fast nourishing in rejuvenating your body with energy boosting.

Steps and Guidelines

Small loose green tea leaves should be selected as best choice, for they infuse quickly. If you take large and tight curled green tea with longer leaves it takes more time to infuse in the water. The selected leaves should be taken in tea bags filled loosely. Tea bags should be dipped and dunked in the water put in the teapot. For better results care should e taken as for not to let the tea bag float. Tea bag dipped in water will help in increasing the polyphenols and other supplements present in the leaves to be extracted almost completely. After this simple process boil the water for extracting the polyphenols. Boil the water for a minute or more and do not take out the tea bags after boiling.

After boiling tea leaves in the bag should be steeped for at least two minute or more. When steeping time is increased it increases content of polyphenol in the water also together water cools down and letting you drink soon after taking out the tea bags dipped in. Plus point and most effective results obtained when increasing the steeping time is that it reduces the caffeine content and increase the polyphenol content. Main aim of brewing green tea by self is to make it natural and reduce the caffeine chemical which is achieved. By now you understand the easy process of brewing which will give you satisfaction of the drink as there are no any extra flavors are added and it is as fresh as from the garden with the necessary content you required.

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