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Green Tea and Cancer

The green tea is enjoying huge popularity as a beverage all across the globe solely due to its healthy properties. Since thousands of years ago the people of China and Japan have been consuming green tea and are also well acquainted with the healthy benefits that it provides. But its uniqueness lies in the fact that it can prevent the life-threatning disease cancer with great potential. It has been concluded by the many researchers and scientists that the ability of green tea to fight against the fatal disease called cancer is very much potent. Out of the many molecules the key one is shut doen by the consumption of green tea. It is also seen that the people who consume green tea are not at all prone to develop this life-threatning disease.

Real facts

When one of the graduate students measured the chemical effects of green tea on that of a molecule also called aryl hydrocarbon (AH) receptor, plays a special role of turning on the genes which are also harmful. It is also seen by the same experiment that both smoke and tobacco holds a special manipulation on the molecule and is also a favorite target on the substances which are toxic. This is responsible for causing havoc within that of the human body. Green tea has always been known for its anti-cancer effects as well as various other health problems like rheumatoid arthritis amd cholestrol. But how the way the substance works has always remained as a mystery. The chemicals that are contained in the green tea are all anti-oxidants and are known for their power of quenching the harmful molecules. The amount of green tea that a person intake would not really make a difference but the whole work helps us by giving us an insight what is the effect of the proteins present in the green tea.

Similar Compounds

It has generally been concluded that the smoke of the tobacco and the dioxins cause disruption in the molecule functioning and causes it to potentially trigger the gene activity which is very harmful. Both of these chemicals also known as flavonoids are present in the ingredients like cabbage, grape, broccoli and also red wine and are extremely powerful in fighting the vital disease of cancer. It is very much true that all the major compounds present in that of green tea acts through that of many ways. The initial results are an indication of the same in the human cells. Moderate green tea consumption is fine. It is also seen that green tea can only prevent only some forms of cancer and not all types. Still researches are being concluded on the potential of green tea in the elimination of major cancer forms. However it should also be kept in mind that there are no adverse effects noted in the case of green tea consumption except that of insomnia. But patients with green tea asthma should avoid the consumption of green tea strictly.

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