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Drink Green Tea

Green tea is been very special for its multipurpose use. It is common to hear people saying drink green tea, why is that more importance to green tea and not to normal tea that many everyday drink. Green tea is easily available for people who grow it and people living in the regions near by. But green tea getting its popularity, this is been now marketed commercially by companies and can be obtained. What makes green tea so special and what is the secret behind it that has led to its popularity in the modern times when there are so much of scientific inventions in the medical world and cure for all the possible diseases?

Why drink green tea?

Secret of drinking green tea lies for its naturally available anti-oxidants. It is rich in catechin polyphenols which are antioxidants and are very powerful in cutting down the growth of cancer cells and kills dangerous cells without harming the tissues that are healthy. It is to be drunk if you are struggling with over weight and fighting to lessen the cholesterol level. With reducing the cholesterol levels and burning fat in the body it stops abnormal clotting of blood. When good flow of blood and oxygen supply in the body is maintained and carried well through the blood cells, you are naturally away from any health problems. By this way Green Tea prevents from heart attacks and effectively curing.

What is in it?

Researchers were confused in the beginning when comparative methods of health were used in America and Europe; people of France were less prone to heart diseases than the Americans. Detailed study here led to the conclusion that French consumed red wine that is rich in polyphenol reservatrol that effectively reduces negative effects of smoking and very rich diet. But later in 1997, researchers found catechin polyphenol to be twice more powerful than reservatrol that is found in Green Tea. This is one reason for Japanese to be less suffering from heart diseases even though most of them up to seventy five percent of them were smokers. Green tea is effective than any other tea, it is because of the nature it is processed.

Green tea leaves like other teas such as oolong and black tea are not fermented, but they are steamed. Green tea when steamed prevents polyphenols from getting oxidized and keeps them intact as antioxidants. In case of oolong and black tea when they are fermented the polyphenols get converted into other compounds and lose the polyphenol and will not have antioxidants. Those converted compounds though not harmful, are not as effective as the green tea oxidants and are not recommended. But oolong and black tea also have their own benefits and they can not be totally neglected. When it comes to green tea it is always the best. Green tea is a good cure for preventing the tooth decay which is a problem in people eating lot of sweets and are foody together prevents from food poisoning. Dental plaques will not be formed if you are a regular drinker of green tea.

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