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Green Tea Antioxidant

Camellia sinesis is the scientific name of Green Tea. It is special as compared to other forms of teas available for the way it is processed. Green tea consists of delicate leaf buds of Camellia sinesis. This has Asia as its home ground and is widely cultivated. Its al medicinal properties are preserved in it as it is very low processed form of tea available and is also called as one of the most popular and health beneficiary beverages made by human in the world from times dating back to thousands of years. This was in traditional use by monks stimulating the mind in mild quantities and for treating cold, nausea, coughs and respiratory system.

In modern times scientists have been remarkably researching on its properties of health betterment. The reason for all this best talked about qualities of green tea is the anti-oxidants that it consists. It has anti-oxidants catechin that is proved to increase the activity of anti-oxidants in the blood keeping whole of circulatory system from poisonous elements. Green tea catachins are absorbed well in the blood than any other equivalent anti oxidants available. This is one of the main reasons for green tea to be so effective on human health. Green tea extracts are said to provide anti-oxidant benefits that are powerful for the immune system.

Effects of antioxidants in green tea

Recent researchers in Japan have found that when green tea is consumed increasingly before clinical cancer onset has shown improved prognosis of breast cancer in stage I and II. Green tea is the best cure for controlling cancer it is proven inhibit tumors in test tubes that include breast, skin cancer and leukemic plus carcinomas, lung, colon and gastrointestinal tract. Its effect on skin can be noted that polyphenol anti-oxidants in green tea lessen inflammatory prostaglandins and free radicals usually produced in skin by the immune cells resisting the ultraviolet B rays. In turn it helps in rejuvenating the skin and stops early aging and wrinkling keeping young looks. Green tea working was tested on cancerous mice that received chemotherapeutic drug doxorubicin, giving positive results and suggesting green tea would improve chemotherapy increasing the quality of patient’s life.

How Safe and Protective

Though green tea is all talked about for its good ness the only worrisome fact in it is the chemical caffeine present in very small amount approximately 20 to 30 mg in a cup when brewed for 2 to 3 minutes in comparison with coffee. But the relieving fact from caffeine present in Green Tea can be done away by consuming 3 to 4 cups of green tea that altogether outweighs the negligible amount of caffeine. There is another shocking report; esophagus cancer risk is associated with high consumption of tea populations. When studied effectively it was due to drinking of extremely hot, salty tea in large quantities. When green tea consumed largely the potent antioxidants get stored in the body and accumulate continuously. These help in scavenging out free radicals directly improving antioxidant system naturally in the body.

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