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Green Tea Benefits

Researches in Japan and China have proved extensive benefits of green tea.  It is effectively proven by researches and studies that green tea positively is effective on many systems in the body controlling stopping of diseases from progressing and curing them. Green tea contains maximum rich anti oxidants and minerals that benefit the body maintaining and rejuvenating the whole of the system. Green tea benefits are numerous and can be listed one by one. The main constituent of green tea to be so beneficial to humans is presence of polyphenols rich in antioxidants. Benefits of green tea have come to be popular for the modern man due to ill effects on his health based up on pollution, and unhealthy food culture.

Polyphenol benefits

Antioxidants fight and stop diseases from progressing by stopping free radicals. Free radicals damage the body cells leading to cancer and tumors. Green tea has 30 to 40 percent of polyphenols. Green tea is very effective in generating immune system due to high levels of antioxidants. If green tea necessarily taken up to 4 cups i.e. 300 to 400 mg of polyphenols will be taken in. all teas which have under gone minimal processing are rich in polyphenols and antioxidants. Green tea and white tea is another such tea . Vitamin C is one such antioxidant with many other antioxidants like catechins. Important benefits of green tea can be accorded for its cancer preventing properties. In Tokyo, Japan, National Cancer Center Research Institute suggested that to prevent cancer drink of green tea is the only cure available presently.

Green tea reduces occurrence of maximum types of cancers with marking decrease of cancers in urinary tract and digestive system. Green tea is used to bathe i.e. said to protect skin from skin cancer and aging. As per the studies, it has been approved that it is helpful in preventing cancer in breast, bladder, liver stomach, esophagus, rectal, colon, pancreas and lung. During treatment of chemotherapy green tea effectively benefits white blood cells. Green tea is the best treatment for losing weight and enhancing metabolism of fat. Green tea when consumed will not allow body to absorb the fat even though fat was consumed and fat will excreted out from the body. Green tea further acts in preventing blood clotting thus it behaves like a thinner letting the free flow of blood.

Mouth Freshener

Tea also contains many minerals and also fluoride. Hence tea having fluoride fights plaque formation on tooth set and is a good cavity fighter. Green tea in this way prevents bacteria in mouth keeping mouth fresh and healthy with white jeweled teeth. Tooth cavity is more in children and they can be given one cup of green tea to drink daily that helps them to fight cavity problem effectively. Green tea if used to rinse mouth after meals especially after night meals before sleeping it is refreshing and cleansing. Green tea for all these miraculous benefits was used as a community drink in ancient times and was an occasional drink during get together of the family. It came to be used as daily normal drink only during medieval times.

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