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Green Tea Diet

Green tea diet is taking its place replacing many other beverages. Green tea diet is considered to be the best form of beverages one can ever have and is getting its popularity in modern times. Especially it has made its place in the countries of America and Europe where the people are used to heavy fat foods and beverages like coffee that contain chemical caffeine in large quantities. These fat foods and caffeine rich beverages are hazardous to health and are responsible to cardiovascular diseases. Green tea diet holds properties that enrich the youth ness and inhibiting the growth of cancer cells and abrupt clotting of blood. Green tea diet’s rich properties were known to ancestors in China since 4000 years.

Fighting Alzheimer's:

Green tea diet is unbelievable in resisting some diseases that are not in control. This has led to very intense research on green tea and its effects on human health. Studies have revealed drinking of green tea stops three important brain injuring chemicals acetylcholinesterase, butyrylcholinesterase and betasecretase. What is the danger that these 3 chemicals cause in brain? Unless knowing this we can not believe the importance of green tea diet in regard to Alzheimer’s. These three chemicals are associated with breaking off chemical information and plaque forming and depositing of proteins in Noggin gray matter in brain i.e. permanently hinder thinking capacity of man which is crystal clear. Green tea drinking will reduce the onset f Alzheimer’s disease on these grounds.

Long lasting benefits

Green tea diet is also helpful in fighting flu which is a problem faced often by many young and old. Green tea boosts the immune system of body against many kinds of viruses. Green tea has L-Theanine substance that is said to increase ten folds the immunity in fighting viruses. Gargling is normally done with salt warm water, but when done with green tea it stops the growth of coats over the cavity membranes with one of its anti-oxidants catechin that is successful in neutralizing bacteria and viruses. Taking green tea is like nectar that is available on earth in day today diet. Green tea sometime ago was taken occasionally as a traditional drink. But there is a need of it now to consume it like other hot beverages tea or coffee.

But, green tea is taken by many after knowing its incomparable properties and health benefits. This is not new to Asians where the origin of green tea is said to be from ancient times. Westerners are in more need of this herbal drink and are successful in filling the pockets of commercial marketers. This is also a very profitable business for the producers and many companies all over the world are producing them with scientific methods. Green tea extracts are the fresh leaf buds that are steamed and given very least process in making them to retain the natural properties packed in. Other teas like oolong and black are fermented that result in loosing antioxidants and rich properties. This drink is a cure and rejuvenator of health, age and importantly keeping immune system active.

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