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Green Tea Extract

Health problems such as headache, body pain, poor digestion and improving life expectancy have been managed by using Green tea in China and India for as long as 5000 years. Green tea extract is mainly used to fight out free radicals I body. It is rich in bioflavonoids (polyphenol) it is rich in antioxidants like Epigallcatechin 3 gallate (EGCC) which is scientifically proven to be 200 times more potent when compared with Vitamin E especially in fighting pro oxidants and free radical. Free radicals and oxidants are mainly responsible for generating any kind of problems and diseases in humans. EGCC present in green tea extracts fights infections in respiratory and digestive system blocking carcinogenic action that responsible for cancer.

Green Tea Extract Benefits

It is anti bacterial and is very effective in lowering levels of cholesterol which is a common problem. Green tea extracts are in common used in many of the fat burners available in market. Green tea metabolism of fat by thermogenesis working keeping heart beat at normal rate where many fat burners vary heart beat and cause side effects. Green tea is successfully used as fat burner which is one of its beneficial uses. Green tea helping in controlling heart diseases is also associated with prevention of liver failure. Initial boost is provided by green tea in fat losers. For fast weight loss plan diet program and add green tea as a routine drink.

Green tea helps in enhancing beauty with controlling acne i.e. green tea reduces specific hormonal production. Some of the cancer it is been successfully associated in controlling are colon cancer, pancreatic cancer and stomach cancer. It shields body from external foreign agents by stimulating immune system and helps prevent plaques in tooth when consumed daily or gargled. As said above with preventing liver failures it also reduces liver transplant failures as per the recent study. Green tea and its extracts have been getting popularity for their higher benefits without any side effects. Green tea as a single medicine is a cure for number of problems that human face in day today activities and keeps rejuvenating health internally and externally adding beauty keeping your skin lively and glowing.

Side effects of Green Tea Extract

Green tea being acclaimed as a best drink, is it completely side effect free. This question may arise as well known tea contains caffeine which is not good. For this answer can be green tea can have negligible or little side effect or no side effects. Green tea also contains caffeine to that matter in very mild quantities. As a caution person having complications with caffeine should consult doctors before usage of green tea extracts. Especially pregnant women and lactating mothers should also consult medical experts. Persons who are using anti depressants (MAOI inhibitors) are advised to avoid green tea and their extracts. When comes to the quality of green tea it varies between brands. It is to the user to read the ingredient label before buying the product and see not to cross dosage recommended.

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