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Green Tea Fat Burner

Extracts of green tea are very effective active fat burners. Green tea extracts contain polyphenols which are the key elements in burning out fats. Polyphenols of green tea contain anti oxidants like catechins which are responsible for fat burning. This is completely side effect free and helps the person to lose weight in many number of ways. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) helps fight fat in the body by reducing the production of a harmone called leptin that reduces appetite. Leptin is a fat storage harmone which on reduced never stores the fat and in turn fat will never be absorbed by the body. EGCG also increases chemical noradrenaline  which is a neuro transmitter that burns out more calories and boosts the person’s metabolism.


Green tea fat burners are available in markets which are manufactured keeping same principle of fat burning. Green tea is also used as one of the ingredients in other fat burners which are chemicals or drugs. Leptin which is a fat storage harmone in the body performs its function as a neurotransmitter controlling signals through brain. Initial some years ago it was wrongly thought by scientists as lower levels of leptin in body would increase hunger and makes the person consume more food. But after years later it came to be exactly known as the opposite and decreasing appetite. Here green tea polyphenols play major role in reducing not only the leptin but also other related harmones responsible for increasing the appetite.

The other impact of green tea rises in elevating the norepinephrine activity and level. Norepinephrine plays important role in regulating the oxidation of fats and thermogenesis process. Norepinephrine as per the studies is interacted by the polyphenols stimulating it to spend more cellular energy in burning of fats. The another best part of burning fats through green tea is that especially it is free from causing any kinds of side effects. Usually risks associated with fat burners are that they increase the normal heart beat rate pushing the person to some dangerous side. It is always warned while using fat burners, not to be used by people of weak heart and suffering from any kind of heart diseases. But it is almost completely safe to use green tea fat burners as clinically proven. Green tea fat burners can be taken in regular for said number of days for actively getting rid of the unwanted fats.

True fact

True fact behind using any fat burner is that, fat burners alone can never reduce the person’s mass. Fat burners are the supporters in the process of losing weight and are not the final end. For effectively reducing and shaping up the body regular exercises are must. If fat burners are taken without any exercise then the person is prone to put on weight after stopping. It is also not safe to continue with or make fat burners you daily supplements. When taking fat burners may be herbal or chemical good food intake should be maintained not letting the body to go out of energy. Planned diet with regular exercise and fat burners as supporters will effectively reduce fat and will tone up muscles giving fin shape to body.

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