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Green Tea For Weight Loss

Green tea is rich in catechin polyphenols that are responsible for increasing oxidation process of fats and thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is a process in which generation of heat takes place in the body due to burning of fuels which are fats. There are different green tea like Chinese green tea, Japanese green tea and so on. These teas are in turn divided into different varieties. But these days Japanese tea is said to be very effective than Chinese green tea though it is the land of green tea. China gave the world miraculous green tea and showed its health benefits and disease curable properties which were well known fact and science from ancient time dating back to thousands of years. Green tea that is popular in Japan has its roots in China, it was carried to Japan from China by the Buddhist monks who introduced it there and cultivated in the process of spreading their religion.


Green tea lowers cholesterol levels increasing expenditure of energy. Insulin level increase in blood is reduced by releasing carbohydrates slowly, this promotes burning of fats for generating energy which is available by burning stored fats. Thermogenic process of green tea i.e. Camellia sinesis was credited to presence of caffeine in it which was responsible. But caffeine content is lost in the process of making green tea and green tea effectively still carries the responsible wok of burning fats in the absence of caffeine. Green tea effectively burns and stimulates greater then caffeine. Brown fat thermogenesis is carried on well by green tea alone successfully without any side effects of increasing heart beat rate. Change in heart beat rate can turn to be dangerous affecting life and sometimes ending in heart arrest. In this matter green tea is completely safe and is accorded as side effect free.


Green tea drinking will be effectively act as fat burner facilitating loss of weight by affecting glucose. The reason for excess of weight can be many. But importantly eating habits of McDonald culture is one reason. Another prime reason is by eating excess of sugars. Fats and sugars consumed are not easily burnt in the body and are stored in the cells. Green tea helps reduce obesity in such cases by preventing glucose movement in fat cells. For this Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is especially effective. Evidences now prove that catechins or polyphenols present in green tea are concerned with body fat reductions.

For a good health and to reduce fat successfully only going for fat burners or just green tea and its supplements will not just suffice the required expected need. It can be successfully attained by having planned diet and regular rigorous exercises in initial stages which can be reduced as the success s noticed. Just because fat cells are burnt and energy is released in body the whole required amount of energy is not reached. Therefore having eating of fruits and vegetables reducing fat foods and working together will show the quick results.

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