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Green Tea Home Remedies

Green tea is just known to maximum of people and its users as a beverage. But green tea is more than a hot drink and is an necessary part in every house holds for remedies to care all part of the body internally and externally. Green tea bags in general are thrown away after using and making green tea, they have their medicinal or curative properties and can be used for cooling eyes when strained. Here we shall look into some of the home remedies that can be made from green tea.

Skin care remedy

Green tea is very effective on skin and when consumed as a drink its results were shown in time 2 to 3 months. For increasing the beauty of skin acne and eczema are the hindrances. Here green tea comes as a cheap alternative for vanishing them in place of astringents toners that are expensive. Often green tea can be taken as a ingredient with other ingredients combining making a concoction which can be applied using a small ball of cotton for cleaning the skin. Green tea can be added in almost all paste that you mix to apply to your face and will be friendly and soothing the skin. This will be very effective in preventing eczema and acne altogether. Though they can be controlled by consuming internally a thought has to be given to the amount of intake of caffeine.


In each and every home mouth washes are a must and are also expensive. Here we can go for a home made mouthwash which serves your purpose better then the mouthwash bought from outside without any side effects. When you are going for a home made mouthwash i.e. of green tea you should keep honey and sugar away. What is that makes this green tea so effective on mouth and tooth set? Property is green tea with other minerals and polyphenols also contains fluoride that is effective in fighting cavity. And green tea prevents bacterial and viral infection keeping the mouth free from any kind of infections. Fluoride present in green tea stops the growth of cavity in tooth set strengthening the bone strength.

General health and caution

Green tea when taken daily naturally becomes home made remedy for general health. General health has many thing to be explained that are benefited from green tea. Green tea when taken as a home remedy prepared at home than taking it in any other forms is effective overall. Green tea for that matter can not be consumed by pregnant mothers for the benefit of the health taking in mind the importance of the health of the unborn. Though the affects caused in some women drinking green tea as reported are though believable there is no concrete data to support but always prevention is better than cure. Therefore persons of some particular related cases have to stay away from green tea for particular time period till they are on safer side of having the beverage.

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