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Green Tea Leaf Extract

Green tea is not new as for its medicinal use is concerned. Green tea leaf extracts were used by Chinese from ancient times to treat weak digestion. Headache, body pains, increase life expectancy and also for well being. Green tea leaf extracts are rich in bioflavonoids which are very important in fighting out free radicals in the body. Free radicals are involved in the process of oxidation and are responsible for generating many number of diseases. Bioflavonoids are rich in EGCG which are antioxidants. These are 200 times more richer than Vitamin E and fight pro oxidants and free radicals effectively. This is the process involved behind the working of green tea leaf extracts that have been well applauded for their health benefits.

Benefits and Uses

There are numerous health benefits from green tea leaf extracts. Green tea has powerful weapon EGCG which is 200 times more potent than Vitamin E and also more efficient Than Vitamin C. extracts are highly rich in bioflavonoids that protect against infections caused in respiratory system and digestive system. Green tea leaf extracts are very helpful in fighting out unwanted fats. In the process of burning fats they do not disturb the heart beat processes and remain calm in their duty and effectively reduce the weight. Extracts of green tea leaf are also used as ingredient in many fat burner products. Green tea slows down aging that is it keeps the skin healthy young and wrinkle free keeping the young looks. Extracts are also as burning fats reduce acne and keep face fresh. Here green tea leaf extract can be called as beauty caring reducing hormonal activity.

Green tea leaf extracts are anti bacterial antiviral, effectively lowers cholesterol levels in body, reduce inflammations and keep normal blood pressure. Green tea extracts are praised more for their effective cancer reducing properties than any other benefits. They are very effective in reducing and stopping the growth of tumors and clotting of blood and repairing damaged cells. Damaged cells can lead to growth of cancer cells. Antioxidant in this process reduces oxidation and keeps the cell in its original form and working condition. Cancers such as colon cancer, stomach cancer and pancreatic cancer are effectively controlled. Green tea leaf extracts increase the immune system and make body resistant to foreign bodies.

Side effects

Green tea extracts are helpful in stopping growth of dental plaques. Extracts contain fluorides which stops formation of plaques. They also protect liver from damages which can be due to heavy alcohol intake. Some recent researches suggest green tea helping in recovery of liver and preventing failure of liver in case of transplants. Green tea extracts are side to have no side effects but researches say they have mild quantities of caffeine which may cause side effects. For this particular reason pregnant women are not advised to go for green tea while they are carrying or as breast feeding mothers. Now days these extracts of green tea leaves are brought in many different forms as concentrates like capsule, pills, syrups or liquids.

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