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Green Tea Nutrition

Green Tea is the latest innovation in the healthy weight loss plans that are the recent craze of the young generation and the old generation alike. Every single individual is looking for a unique way to loose weight and stay healthy. The importance of green tea is known to all since times immemorial. In the recent times it is creating a huge splash in the Western world also and the Americans who are suffering from high levels of obesity are turning to green tea for some health relief.


Green tea is known in the Asian continent as a significant medicinal beverage since 4000 years. In the Japan subcontinent it has been treated as a refreshment beverage for more than a thousand years. It was treated as a royal discovery when the Emperor of Japan called Shen Nung caught the refreshing fragrance when some of the leaves accidentally felt in his simmering water pot. The green tea is available in 33 different types all is available all across the globe. Each of the leaf has its distinct kind of flavor and taste.  In comparison with its relatives including oolong tea and black tea, the green tea is known for its purity.


The benefits of the green tea leaves exceeded much beyond the deceleration and detoxification of the process of aging. The green tea comprises of catechin, manganese, polyphenols, minerals, fluoride and all sorts of vitamins and is good for those who consume it. The element called catechin which is known for its ability to eliminate the problem of food poisoning and promotes the whole immunity system. It also helps in the process of digestion and is also known for the improvement of eyesight and enhancement of mental prowess. The benefits of green tea are so widespread all across the globe that that it is also known to give a twist in the matter of ancient panacea. Green tea nutrition is essentially important to those who desire an increased rate of metabolism and desire to shed some extra calories to gain the ideal body weightage. The green tea is also known for working wonders as a slimming aid. Consuming green tea is known to be helpful for eliminating the diseases like high cholesterol levels, cancer, infection, cardiovascular diseases, rheumatoid diseases and also impaired immune function. It is also known for the inhibition in the growth of the cancer cells. By the recent researches it is also known that it helps in the prevention of tooth decay.

Side Effects

The only side effect that came to known after drinking green tea is insomnia as the green tea has a considerable amount of caffeine present in it. The high levels of caffeine present in the tea might have a side effect of a person suffering from it. Other than there are no harmful effects recorded to be found in tea and are considered to be very helpful as a health tonic.

With the knowledge of a natural secret for a healthy life green tea can serve to enrich your life in more ways than one.

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