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Green Tea Oil

Green tea oil is a favorite cooking oil in Southern China and oil is very rich and more in use as multipurpose oil for its medicinal properties. Green tea oil is also called as Camellia oil by the generic name of the green tea plant Camellia sinesis. The oil is been more in demand worldwide after the popularity of green tea in western countries of Europe and America. Oil being rich in medicinal properties prevents diabetes, cardiac diseases and high blood pressures. Even the oil is as rich as the green tea extracts in polyphenols and is filled with antioxidant properties. As it is rich in antioxidants oil assists body in controlling cancer. Just like the green tea plant and its special properties. Green tea oil and its special curative properties were well known to ancient Chinese and this has been a traditional oil of Southern China where it is produced.

Ingredients and properties

Green tea oil contains 9% palmitic acid, 8% linoleic acid 1 % stearic acid and 80% of oleic acid. This is also used as beautification oil and is also sometimes called as ‘beautification oil’. Tea oil content is slightly better than olive oil in mono unsaturated fatty acid which is 83 percent. Olive oil is been popular till now and green tea oil is replacing it theses days increasing the fortune farmers in South China. Olive and green tea have much of similarity in oil properties also olive tree grows to same height of green tea. Color of tea oil is light yellow an it is the most preferred oil by the chefs as it is a neutraloil free from any adour or taste and gives the dishes their original taste without changing the taste.

Camellia and Olive oil

Camellia plant fruits in August and small trees are also seen in gardens at home admiring the beauty of the flowers that add beauty to the garden. Camellia oil is called in general to green tea seed oil, tea oil, tea seed oil. This is also used as lubricating hand tools, and for natural beauty products. While cooking tea oil can be applied a spoon then dish looks fresh, good taste. It is best suited for seasoning of cold salad foods as it is free from any odor and is a kind of neutral though not exactly. Benefits of Camellia oil are numerous as like its parent plant extract. Camellia oil is free from cholesterol and can be consumed by any one whether he has heart problem or obesity problems and is also rich in vitamin A and B. it is also free from preservatives and any artificial flavors.

Tea oil has mono unsaturated fats use of which in regular is said to reduce the blood fat, cardiac problems, high blood pressure and enhances the anti oxidating capacity of body. It is of more help for women to become fit and fine after delivering baby, after which most of the ladies are tend to put on weight. Digestive absorption of oil rate in human body is said to be 97 % which is of no match and higher than other cooking oil absorption rate.

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