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Green Tea Patch


There is nothing as official but it has been on general basis believed that green tea came into existence initially in India and China. Afterwards over the last few years became simply and progressively more popular across the world. The consumption of green tea became more and more popular especially in the provinces of west. At the beginning green tea amongst the westerners was perceptibly less popular. There are in point of fact three different kinds and basic types of tea: green, black, and oolong. The basic difference between these three types of teas is the way that is used to process them. Only green tea is made out of unfermented leaves. These unfermented leaves on a usual manner have the uppermost concentration of polyphenols as well as other chemicals too. The polyphenols and other chemical together act as commanding antioxidants. Chinese green tea and Japanese green tea are another two types of green tea.

Advantages of Green Tea Patch

As the green tea have the polyphenols, ECGC, catcheins, green tea extract and antioxidants, all these together have been proved to be very advantageous to the health. Some times for the medicinal rationale the green tea are used. And for the diet purpose the green tea patch is used specially. The extract of green tea also has higher rate of fat oxidation. As herbal therapy the functioning of green tea can not be ignored. If any one wants to receive the recipient qualities of green tea, can avail green tea vitamins, green tea capsules, green tea gum, green tea tablets, and even a green tea patch from a vastly available array of alternatives.

Green Tea Patches and Weight Loss

The green tea patches meant for weight loss have also proved to be helpful above stimulant diet drugs. On a usual manner the green tea patch is functional on the skin of a human body. Applying on the skin gives high effectiveness of the green tea. After being placed the green tea patch on the skin, it started supplying the body the unsurprisingly healthy components, which are found in whichever and all of the supplementary green tea forms. The patch of Green Tea contains 100% medicament grade mechanism. The catechism of green tea will also acts as a glucose controller. For about 48 hours, the green tea patch more often than not lasts. Throughout that time, it provides with the advantageous qualities of green tea product. The patch of green tea has been proved to be beneficial for increasing body metabolism; it also helps to start smoldering more calories; it also prevents our body from stocking up fats and toxins of the body; the patch of green tea also helps to speed up our process of colon emptying; it also hold back our appetite and as a result one can consume less food. It also helps in controlling the blood pressure. Using the green tea patch has also been proved to be useful for skin.

Green Tea Patch Products

Across the world the green tea patch products are available. Some green tea patch products are,

  • Green Tea 300 - The Green Tea Patch and Instant Beverage Packets in each dose it contains 45mg of caffeine.
  • Green tea weight loss patch - This has been proved to be helpful in reducing the weight. 
  • Premium Hoodia Patch With Green Tea - Hoodia Gordonii has been considered as an all-natural suppressant of appetite.
  • SmithSorensen Hoodia & Green Tea Patch CR 30 patches - This product contains hoodia gordonii stem 500mg, green tea extract100 mg, fucus vesiculosus 30mg.

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