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Green Tea Powder

Green tea is a popular drink in Japan and China and also in the other parts of world for the many benefits it provides. Green Tea is totally differently prepared from the black tea. After plucking he leaves, they are baked and steamed, then rolled and dried in such a way that the greenishness is retained. This helps in retention of beneficial properties and antioxidants in the green tea. Green tea is found in the market in various forms like green tea bags, green tea powder, green tea supplements etc.

Preparation of green tea powder

Green tea powder is prepared from dried tender tea leaves by instantaneous smash process in low temperature. The Green tea powder retains the nutrition and natural color of the tea in maximum limit. The green tea powder is available in flavored form also.

The green tea powder is rich in antioxidants like catechins and polyphenols. Generally no artificial additives are present in the green tea powder.

Purpose of using green tea powder

Green tea powder is the most natural way to use green tea.  Green tea is generally drunk as beverage Green tea powder can also be used in making green tea supplements such as capsules, pills etc. Sometimes green tea powder is also used in making skin products. The main component of green tea is EGCG, which is used to prevent various types of cancers like breast cancer, stomach cancer, skin cancer and intestinal cancers. Green tea powder is widely used in weight loss programs. It lowers cholesterol levels, prevents heart damage and protects the skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of sun. Green tea is also well-known for increasing mental alertness.

Science behind benefits of green tea

Researches have been revealed that green tea slows down the growth rate certain cancers as it prevents DNA damage. Some evidence supports the fact that a green tea powder enhances mental alertness, probably because of its caffeine content. Green tea also aids in weight loss, lowering blood cholesterol level and prevents skin damage though the scientific reasons are yet to be disclosed. Green tea contains small amount of vitamin K, which can make anticoagulant dugs like warfarin. Now a day various researches are going on to study the beneficial effects of green tea. Green tea powder is recommended in most of the weight loss program.

Side Effects of using green tea powder

Green tea has lesser side effects and hereby safe for most of the adults if used in moderate amounts. Though there are some feeble side effects caused by green tea.Green Tea and green tea extracts contain caffeine, which can cause nausea, diarrhea, stomach upset, irritability, insomnia, anxiety and frequent urination in some people. Caffeine is also responsible for raising blood pressure. When used in very high doses it can cause seizures, delirium or irregular heart rhythms. So before using Green Tea powder the health care provider should be consulted and informed. Green tea is not at all recommended for nursing mothers, pregnant women, old and sick people and children.

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