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Green Tea and Pregnancy

Green tea has been continuously touted for its health benefits from times of ancient days. Researchers now days have started to cast doubts on its completely said side effect free and its affects in breeding mothers. Pregnancy is most sophisticated part of a woman’s life, care has to be utmost in each and every step of eating, drinking, sleeping and all activities she does. Whether pregnant women can consume green tea and how far is it safe is the question haunting many. It is said if green tea taken in fewer quantities like 3 to 4 cups a day is safe and a sensible limit. Still it can not be said free and there are concerns serious about its benefits during the sensitive period. The wise thing is to be cautious with regular medical check ups and consultation from an expert physician.


Only claims that all the benefits of green tea are based is on the amount of antioxidants it has. Antioxidants are rich and prevent damaging of cells in body together helping in reconstruction of them. Researches well proved that green tea is very effective in controlling heart diseases, high blood pressure and cancer of different forms. Many researches have been done and are being done scientists all around the globe are conducting extensive researches on its benefits and affects. Researches suggest that drinking green tea is good for oral health strengthening bone increasing ability to fight viral and bacterial infections. This is just the suggestion by the researches and claims are not strong so conclusions can not be drawn firmly favoring the green beverage.

Affects on Pregnant

Folic acid is very important chemical and a nutrient during pregnancy that is also called as folate. Folic acid levels should be maintained well and green tea consuming by pregnant women is said to affect the folic acid level which can adverse results. This in turn leads to defects in babies as per the study linked to neural tube. Defects like spina bifida in women drinking large quantity of green tea during pregnancy and at times of conception. Spina bifida is very serious condition occurring when tube around central nerve system i.e. the neural tube fails to close and will be closed partially. The main cause for the spina bifida problem is deficiency in levels of folic acid which is said to be due to consumption of green tea.

Data available for this study is not sufficient to agree or arrive for a final conclusion of avoiding green tea during pregnancy. And green tea alone may not be the reason for low levels of folic acid and neural tube defect. Another point to reduce green tea during pregnancy is it is not completely free from caffeine and caffeine is not advisable during pregnancy periods. Although caffeine is found to be in mild quantities it is unwise drinking in large quantity. Another important thing about green tea is that it is said to make our body incapable of absorbing iron from food.

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