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Green Tea Studies 

Numbers of benefits have been shown in green tea by the recent scientific studies produced by the American Chemical Society and listed in Chemical and Engineering News. Different chemical properties green tea contains are in its leaves plucked fresh from the gardens and are steamed to keep their properties in place. Contents of green tea are polyphenols like EGCG, which is a powerful antioxidant powerful in inhibiting the cancer cells growth rapidly without affecting the other normal cells of the body. Cornell and Harvard University researchers have shown carcinogen activity decline i.e. polyphenols block up to 60%reducing oxidizing capabilities. Green tea has successfully shown the antiviral and antibacterial properties proving safety from many diseases.

Cancer Canceling properties

Green tea is not at all anew drink for the communities of Asia. Tea and herbal drinks were popular in China and India especially before emergence of Great Wall of China i.e. at least before 300 years ago. Green tea was used in ancient times to treat diseases that are used for now like heart diseases, blood infections, strokes and other number of maladies and serious conditions. Green tea never shows an instant cure it treats and brings healthy body gradually after gradual steady use with recommended dosages. As any thing good over done turn poison, this dictum may apply to green tea if taken in unlimited and heavy quantities. Therefore many studies and researches are going on in highly reputed universities to know its effects and affects carefully.

Green tea a per the studies is very effective in retarding and inhibiting the growth of cancer cells form of cancer that is already growing from liver to uterine cancer and also breast cancer. In each study observation cancer was not completely cured from green tea but the life expectancy and better living was extended in increasing the quality life of the patient. EGCC in green tea is the cause behind effective treatment of cancer and studies are under going to research if more concentration and high synthetic derivatives can be used for replacing of chemotherapy that is highly toxic. A study of smokers at the Cancer Center of Arizona showed that smokers when given four cups of green tea which is caffeine free for four months offered some protection to DNA against carcinogenic damage measured by amount of an enzyme in urine.

Obesity and Beauty

Studies have indicated green to be powerful enough in reducing the weight. It is a good cure for people suffering from obesity. Green tea improves cholesterol ratio from good to bad that is reducing very effectively. The effect can be experienced when continued taking for at least 2 to 3 months on regular basis. Green tea works on principle of thermogenesis in burning fat. Green tea unlike other fat  burning supplements never changes heart beat rate and is completely side effect free. It can be so said that this may be the only fat burning supplement that is completely free from any kind of side effects and reaction on body. This together boosts energy in body with making the person slimmer, smart and increasing the beauty of the skin. This is well proved that green tea acts as good beauty drink rejuvenating and keeps the skin glowing.

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