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Green Tea and Skin Care

The existence of green tea was initially observed in Japan and China and then it was introduced in the Indian subcontinent. Your favorite stars and models are now heavily inclined towards green tea. The clinical experts suggest that green tea takes care of a lot of skin issues. Even applying it directly on the skin would help the beauty conscious folks to a considerable extent. The leaves of the green tea are best used as an exfoliate and results in an instant glow on the face of the user.

Almost all the people are aware of the fact that green tea is very rich in anti-oxidants and also helps in the body from getting rid of free particles which are increased by pollution, excessive sunlight and smoking in the due course of time. It is popular worldwide not only because it helps in the promotion of good health but also because of the fact that it imparts a young look. In the recent times one can see the increase in the production of beauty products which are rich in anti-oxidants mainly because of the reason that it can bank upon its natural benefits.

At every point of time there is no need of rushing to the chemist to purchase products which will be rich in green tea extracts. You can also make use of concentrated extracts of green tea simply at the convenience of your home and it can turn out to be a supple addition in the regular beauty routine practiced by you. You can make a soothing spiritualizer out of 100 grams of green tea mixed with half liter water which should be first kept at room temperature and then strained to make the solution usable. This produces such a soothing effect on the skin that it can be used regularly as a facial cleanser and toner. It can not only cure your blemishes but can also treat your skin of sunburns and other types of skin disorders.

Green Tea skin care products

It is good that now the cosmetic companies are realizing the true worth of the green tea and are reaping in their benefits for their wide range of products. Green tea is not only helpful for shedding extra kilos but is also a great source of skincare in the form of green tea lotion. Having the benefit of a very high percentage of anti-oxidants it is regarded as very effective in the combation of cancerous cells. Green Tea powder is the most natural way to use green tea. Green tea is generally drunk as beverage Green tea powder can also be used in making green tea supplements such as capsules, pills etc. Sometimes green tea powder is also used in making skin products. Green tea skin care products are known all over for their essential nutrients and are easily available in the contemporary markets at affordable ranges. So just rush to the store to buy some green tea skin care products to bowl over your man with that extra glamour quotient.

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