Erythema Migrans: Causes and Treatment

Erythema Migrans

Erythema Migrans is one of the skin conditions which are recognized by the skin rashes. The cause of this skin condition is because of any environmental virus. It’s really very beneficial to consult your doctor, if you experience any change in the consistency and the color of the skin.

Basically this condition of the skin is linked with the Lyme disease. Erythema Migrans are the pimples which are associated with the Lyme diseases. If any of the people get infected with the Lyme diseases, these pimples or rash will come on the face within a few days or maximum in a month. In the early stages these rashes appear red and very ugly; late they expand and appear uglier.

In few cases the rashes may be present in more than one location or area on our body. Number of times it is considered as bull’s eye in the presence of such rashes. And one thing which we want to clarify that it’s not possible that the entire person suffering from the Erythema Migrans skin condition will be having the rashes. But it is seen that rashes occur to the people who are affected by the Lyme disease.

Some other truths or facts or particulars about the Erythema Migrans

Any human being, who has been bitten by the tick and builds up Lyme sickness, can get the disease called Erythema Migrans. Erythema Migrans is one of the diseases which can affect the human beings of any race and any. This disease can target children and adults equally at any age and cause rashes.

Erythema Migrans is actually the first stage of the Lyme disease and thus it is certainly caused because of the biting of a tick which is considered to be the carriers of the disease. Rashes or pimples are not the reason of any reaction to the bite by tick but it’s a kind of skin contamination by the Lyme disease, popularly known as Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato. The actual or the real identity of rash is Erythema chronicum Migrans but it is popularly known as Erythema Migrans and EM is for short.

When any human being is bitten by a tick specially a carrier tick the appearance of round rashes starts right from the day one and lasts up to a month and even more. The skin at area where round rashes are present appears to be little raised. And these rashes appear really very ugly. The central point of the round rashes appears like a bull’s eye. It won’t be painful if not touched but it may take your breath for a moment if you rub it or touch it without care or if your touch will be ungentle.

This disease can occur on any part of the body. However, trunks, thigh, groins, armpits, knees and waist are very much liked areas of this disease. The person having the rashes in these areas experience the worst pain which can be stated as more than worse.

Erythema Migrans Treatment

  1. 20-day course of amoxicillin is significantly more effective than a 7-day course of azithromycin for the treatment of erythema migrans skin lesions, a characteristic feature of early Lyme disease.
  2. Doctors will often prescribe oral antibiotics to treat the Lyme disease. The individual will usually have to take these antibiotics for at least three weeks.
  3. If the condition has progressed, a doctor might recommend treatment with intravenous antibiotics for 14 to 28 days. This is generally effective, although it might take some time to recover. However, IV antibiotics might cause various side effects, including decreasing the white blood cell count, producing gallstones and mild to severe loose motions.

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