Scabies: 5 Home Remedies That Work Insanely


Scabies is a skin infection, popularly known as itch. It is caused by the mite sarcoptes scabiei or itch mite. It is a contagious diseases and is more common among people who live in crowded places under unhygienic condition. The incidence of scabies is highest in children under the age of 15 years.

Scabies Causes and Symptoms

This parasite burrows into the superficial layer of skin, especially in the crevices of the body. It lays eggs, and the larvae hatch within a few days and surround the base of a hair follicle as it emerges from the skin. The body reacts to this parasite by causing a localized hypersensitivity reaction, which then results in intense itching, causing further spread and secondary superimposed infection by other microbes. This itching is marked during the night, and the eggs fall off on bedclothes / linen and spread to other people in the family. The itching is so severe that sometimes the skin looks raw. This infection can be identified by fine waxy lines or burrows on the sides of the fingers, in the webs of the fingers/toes, inner sides of the wrists, elbows, armpits, knees, groin area and the areola of the breast. Once secondary infection occurs, it is more difficult to pinpoint it as scabies.


Home Remedies To Get Rid of Scabies

1. Neem Leaf

Neem Leaves

The best home remedy for scabies is neem leaf paste made with fresh or dried neem leaves and an equal quantity of turmeric powder mixed with mustard oil. This should be applied on the body and left for an hour or so. Then the person should bath. Repeat for 7- 10 days till all lesions have healed. The clothes should be washed and rinsed out after the have been soaked in boiled neem water. Simultaneously, the patient should be made to drink a tablespoon of neem leaf or neem bark decoction. Mustard oil may be an irritant for some skins, so do not lave it on for very long. This is the best home remedy for scabies treatment.

2. Peelpul Tree Bark

The dried bark of a peelpul tree can be powdered fine, strained through a fine sieve and used as a dusting powder on scabiotic lesions. Helps to cure the scabies or get rid of scabies.

3. Drumstick Leaves

Drumstick Leaves

Extract the juice from 400 – 500 gm of drumstick leaves. Mix with an equal amount of sesame seed oil, and boil till the water dries up. Cool and store. Apply daily over the infected parts. Both have a strong anti microbial action and sesame seed oil is also insecticide Helps for scabies cure.

4. Apricot Leaves

The use of apricot leaves is one such valuable home remedy. Fresh juice of these leaves should be extracted and applied with beneficial results in the treatment of scabies.

5. Bitter Gourd

Bitter Gourd

The use of bitter gourd (karela) has proved beneficial in the treatment of scabies. A quarter to half a cup of juice of this vegetable, depending on the age of the child should be given mixed with half a teaspoon of lime juice. This juice should be sipped slowly on an empty stomach once daily for a week or so.

The above home remedy for scabies are natural and best to get rid of scabies. During the period of treatment of scabies, the child should be given light foods, preferably fresh juicy fruits such as orange, apple, pineapple, pear, peaches and melon. This juices will helps to cure the scabies and to get rid of scabies quickly.

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