Schamberg’s Disease: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Schamberg’s Disease

Duration of Schamberg’s Disease

This kind of disorder could occur in any age group. It is very important to consult your doctor if you are affected by this disorder.

Schamberg’s disease also known as progressive pigmented purpuric dermatitis is skin discoloration due to leakage of blood near the skin surface from the blood vessels. The iron present in the blood leaked from the vessels forms flat and smooth brown patches on our skin. It seems like cayenne pepper. It could remain there for weeks and can repeat its occurrence.

People who could get affected to Schamberg’s disease

Males are more commonly affected by these disease then women. It could to occur in any age group.

Causes of Schamberg’s disease

When red blood cells penetrate into our skin due to leakage in our blood vessels we affected to the disease known as Schamberg’s disease. There are cases in which such kind of condition occurs to reaction due to a particular medicine, or allergic reaction from a particular kind of food or some clothes.

Spots where Schamberg’s disease occur

In most cases of Schamberg’s disease it starts from legs and spreads in other regions. However, it could also start from hands or any other portion of our body. They can appear in any number. It distributed irregularly in the body parts.

Symptoms of Schamberg’s disease

There is no variety of symptoms in Schamberg’s disease. In the lower body parts skin discoloration occurs. Persons affected from this disease may some time have an itchy feeling. Some people may even have some pain.

Diagnosis of Schamberg’s disease

A skin biopsy test may be conducted by consulting a doctor or a dermatologist. In this test a part of the area affected by Schamberg’s disease is examined.

Treatment for Schamberg’s disease

Schamberg’s disease has no certain cure. These patches could remain on your skin for years. You may apply a cortisone cream to the area affected to avoid itching. In certain cases to enhance the circulation of blood you may be kept on some other medication. Vitamin C plays a good role for the prevention of Schamberg’s disease in some people. Your doctor may keep you on Vitamin C medication. You may also take food enriched with Vitamin C as natural cure is the best cure for any disease.

Topical cream can be helpful for itching but rarely clear it.

Your doctor may also change your diet chart. He may ask you to avoid food containing preservatives and coloring agents containing chemicals. Retain your normal diet if you see no improvement in your problem.

Researches are being done for the laser treatment of Schamberg’s disease. But till date no successful treatment has been developed.

Schamberg’s disease has become a common skin ailment in people all over the world. People affected from this disease feel very unpleasant to view the discolored spots on the skin. In some mild cases treatment is possible. So if you are affected to this disease you may not loose hope and consult to your doctor for the possible treatment.

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