6 Ways to Treat Vulvodynia


Vulvodynia is a kind of disorder which occurs in the pelvic region. During this disorder the person experiences an unbearable pain for so many weeks and even for months also. This disorder is so bad that it does not allow the person suffering from it to sit peacefully. The person could not sit just because of the burning sensation and lot of pain in that place. During this vulvar pain the most affected thing is the quality of life. The person suffering from the vulvar pain experiences deteriorated quality of life. This disorder does not show very clear symptoms in the beginning just redness in the area and in the vestibules.

The area which is around the opening of the vagina is known as vulva. Vulvodynia is a kind of constant vulvar tenderness.

Many times women do not consult their doctor or gynecologist just because this disorder does not show any symptom or warning signs before attacking or sometimes due to reluctance to talk about the disorder or symptoms. We suggest that if anyone of you is suffering from such problem then there is no need to hesitate; hesitation may cost very high or you may repent later on your hesitation straightaway consult your doctor and ask for the treatment. Nowadays there are number of options are available in order to get rid from the unbearable pain.

Major warning signs of Vulvodynia are discussed as follows

First thing is which we would like to clarify is that if you are experiencing pain in the vulvar region then you are suffering from disorder called vulvodynia. Vulvodynia is something which should be differentiated from the number of other painful conditions which are localized in the vulva. Basically the vulva consists of number of pads of fat which are located or near the base the clitoris, the abdomen, the labia and at the opening of the vagina.

The very important or significant warning sign of the vulvodynia is the pain in the genital region. This pain or ache is escorted with the stinging, burning, rawness, itching, soreness, and throbbing. The bad thing which almost every lover or couple hate about vulvar pain is that one cannot even think of having sex during the whole period or duration of vulvar pain.

The pain or sore experienced in the vulva can be irregular or regular. We mean the pain can be constant or it can be irregular that is its intensity can vary. Also the pain is very cruel it can persist or continue for months and even for years also. As we already told you that it can very its intensity also so it can suddenly appear or disappear in a moment.

Vulvodynia Treatment

  1. Tight undergarments restrict airflow to your genital area, often leading to increased temperature and moisture that can cause irritation. Wear cotton underwear to increase ventilation and dryness, and sleep without underwear at night.
  2. Don’t sit around in a wet swimsuit for a long period of time. Doing so can cause an excess of bacteria and yeast in the genital area.
  3. Cool compresses placed directly on your external genital area may help lessen pain and itching.
  4. Washing or scrubbing the affected area harshly or too often can increase irritation. Instead, use plain water to gently clean your vulva and pat the area dry. After bathing, apply a preservative-free emollient, such as plain petroleum jelly, to create a protective barrier.
  5. Use only white, unbleached toilet tissue and 100% cotton unscented sanitary products (tampons and pads).
  6. Surgery is another option available to treat this disorder where vaginal extension is performed. This process involves pulling forward the vaginal tissue and removing the skin.

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