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Sesame Oil for Bone Building in Ayurveda

Sesame oil is known for plenty of benefits and in Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, sesame oil is prescribed for a number of problems. Some of the common problems includes constipation, weak bones, dry and brittle skin and nails and general debility.

The Kings of Oils in Massage

When it comes to the best oil for massage, the sesame oil is known to be the king of oils as it is a powerful body tonic that has the special power to penetrate deep into the skin rejuvenating the skin, nerves and bones. The massage also helps in calming the body as well as mind.

The Massage Practice in Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, massage is known as abhyanga, to be more specific, the practice of massaging with warm oil and mostly the sesame oil into the skin is known as abhyanga. The recommended duration of this massage is 15 minutes every day. After the massage, you can take the steam shower to remove the extra oil. However since it gets absorbed mostly so if you are at home then leave the oil on the body overnight and take the shower in the morning.

Why Sesame oil is recommended and preferred for massage?

The reason is that only sesame oil has the quality to penetrate deep into the skin of the body into the body tissues and organs and helps in strengthening the bones. Unlike other oils that stay on the surface, this oil goes deep into the body and helps strengthening the bones. There are specific massage techniques in Ayurveda which the ayurvedic practitioners are aware of, they make sure they provide the massage in the same way.

Sesame Seed Oil Nutrition

The sesame seed contains about 280mg of calcium per 1-0z of serving. And since around 45 to 60 percent of sesame oil is made from sesame seeds so it contains calcium which is good for the bones. Besides the regular massage, you can also include it in your daily diet. If you only taking the sesame oil only to increase your calcium intake then it may not help as it does not contains that quantity of calcium. The more calcium and strengthening of bones are through the massage. For increase calcium intake you should consult your doctor.

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