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Health Tip

Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil for Weight Loss

Virgin Coconut oil or VCO is very useful and beneficial to us. It is beneficial to our body internally and externally. Virgin Coconut Oil when unrefined is very potent in treating the most simple health condition like dry skin to the more complex issues like thyroid problem and even in weight management. It is truly one of the greatest gifts of nature to mankind. Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil is very vital in maintaining a healthy body and helps in controlling body weight.

Why use unrefined VCO?

TIP: use unrefined Virgin Coconut oil instead of regular oil for healthier cooking
  • it retains its high nutritional value
  • it has a longer shelf life
  • can stay naturally fresh longer
  • it contains more anti-oxidants
  • it still has its good natural flavor and fresh odor
  • it taste better
  • can be a good substitute for your regular cooking oil

When a food product undergoes refinement it will definitely lose most of its’ vital element same is true with Virgin Coconut Oil. Unrefined VCO contains high levels of medium chain triglycerides or MCT. MCTs are very essential in maintaining a high metabolic rate. Having a good metabolism means that our body have lesser chances of storing fats. In the process the body is burning more fat and creates more fuel for energy.

TIP: take unrefined VCO regularly for better metabolism and for more energy

By using unrefined VCO in cooking or frying your food you have the benefits of having a higher MCT in your body this will stimulate metabolism. A well stimulated metabolism is crucial to burn excess fat. Through the help of unrefined VCO by converting excess fat into energy will result to shedding off unwanted pounds. And with extra energy you would be able to engage in more physical activities and that will further your success towards your goal of healthy living.

The benefits of taking unrefined VCO on a regular basis are many to mention. Maintaining a healthy body weight is one of the key advantages but there are more good effects of VCO in our heart and one of them is lowering cholesterol level. When cholesterol level is low the body is more protected against common heart disease. VCO is also helpful in achieving good circulation within the body. VCO is also rich in antioxidant and has antibacterial properties. It also promotes good digestion and regulates regular bowel movement which is important in expelling toxins.

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