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Personal Sports Injuries

We are living in a time when interest in sports and fitness has never been higher. Correspondingly, our knowledge about injury and illness as a result of physical activity has also increased. The purpose of this section is to share this knowledge with you, giving you some guidelines on injuries with they causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention tips.

Today's lifestyle tends to be very active and sports orientated with a general approach to well-being. However in our strive to have that perfect fitness regime we very often forget the importance of knowledge.  Knowledge in the warming up and warming down prior to and after any exercise routine.  Without this simplest of tasks, (which if we're completely honest all tend overlook from time to time), our bodies start to experience the signs of wear and tear.  We are all guilty of running our lives at a hares pace...we should take a leaf out of the tortoises book...slow down and relax.  This is where  chartered physiotherapists can help. At our Redcar physiotherapy & sports injury clinic we will help you to unwind and take the pain out of your everyday aches and pains.  Whatever the reason - after you visit to us we trust you will feel so much better in yourself, a new person, ready to jump the hurdles of life once again.

The benefits of excercise

Regular exercise or athletic activity plays a key role in staying healthy. Not only is exercise an important part of treating medical problems such as hypertension, depression and high blood-fat levels (especially high levels of low-density cholesterol)-it can also be important in preventing many of these same medical problems.

Regular exercise also improves your body image and increases your energy level. It helps control weight and reduces stress.

If you are an athlete engaged in a competitive sport, or if you are a fitness enthusiast participating in a regular exercise program, you are familiar with the many benefits of regular physical activity. If you do not participate in a sport or fitness program, the following suggestions will help you choose and begin the right program for you. Exercise comes in many forms-everyone should be able to find some activity enjoyable.

Injuries Prevention

To prevent injuries it is necessary to have information about the factors that contribute to their occurrence. With this information we may understand the options for prevention. Effective injury prevention requires a multifaceted, multidisciplinary approach. Up to 50 percent of youth sports injuries are preventable, and parents and coaches can reduce injuries in young athletes by 80 percent if they follow some simple tips:

  • Warm up. Before you begin the physical workout, warm-up your muscles for 10 minutes with light exercise.
  • Don't overdo it. Overexertion is the primary cause of injuries in adolescents.
  • Try variety. Your child shouldn't focus on just one sport. They need to develop strength everywhere.
  • Pump iron later. Hold off on weight training until it's appropriate. Children can't develop strength with weights until puberty and they need to be supervised when they do start using weights.
  • Build stronger girls. Because they lack testosterone, girls are more susceptible to injury. Because of that, girls need to focus on strength-training more than boys.
  • Focus on fitness. Fitness training should be included in all practices.
  • Listen to pain. Young athletes should not be encouraged to push through pain.

Even with proper conditioning, equipment and other precautions you may still develop pain from exercise. If so, what you do immediately can prevent the pain from becoming a chronic problem. At the first sign of pain stop or ease back on your sport immediately. Apply ice for 15 to 20 minutes several times a day and elevate the injured area.

If you still have pain after two or three days, you should see your physician.

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