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Preparing Homemade Herbal Capsules

Herbal remedies may be taken in capsule form as well as by teas or tinctures. Often, capsules are more convenient to take during the day while we are at work, or while away from home for an extended length of time. There are many reasons that you would want to take capsules instead of a tea or tincture. If the treatment you are seeking is long term, such as for high blood pressure, then you would definitely want to try the capsules.

You can purchase the empty gelatin capsules at your local health food store or pharmacy. There are many different sizes of capsules, but you probably would use the #00 capsules the most. To fill the capsules, simply take them apart and fill the largest end of the capsules, replacing the top to close it. The leafy herbs can be powdered in your food processor if necessary, but the root herbs must be purchased in powdered form. The dosage would be the same as if you were taking an infusion, which is a tea remedy. If the infusion calls for 3 cups. a day, then you would take 1 capsule three times a day with water.

Here Some Homemade Herbal Capsules

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