Home Remedies

Browse a collection of simple home remedies and alternative herbal medicine, available from the average kitchen shelf. Discusses the use of common plants for common ailments.

We first elaborate on the causes and symptoms of diseases, then give direction about how to prepare the alternative medicines; This is followed by an explanation of how these alternative remedies work. All the alternative medicines and herbal home remedies suggested are safe and easy to prepare. Try only one remedy at a time and do not mix or innovate. Some of the ingredients may be available and some may not be. Use what is easily available and what the patient is willing to take.

How do these home remedies and natural cures works?

Herbs, spices, condiments, fruits, and vegetables are naturally occurring gifts of nature. They have been endowed with the unique capacity to absorb inorganic substances from the earth, water, fire, air, ether, and convert them into life-giving, life-supporting vital ingredients. The human body too is a living entity, and each individual body has its own life­force which sustains it. When we look for herbal remedies in natural substances, we want something which is easily assimilated.

The medicament present in these remedies is in the form of alkaloids, essential oils, enzymes, trace elements, and minerals. Once absorbed they are assimilated only in the quantity needed by the body. The active ingredient is in the natural form needed to bind to a receptor site where the vital action has to take place, in order to balance the disturbed agent, host, and environment equation. There are no synthetic constituents added, as in commercial preparations, which work on the principle that a vehicle (a synthetic constituent) is needed to ensure the absorption of an arbitrarily decided, fixed amount of a drug.

Modern medicine laboratory or clinical drug trials, blind and double-blind studies, determine that a certain level of the drug has to be maintained in the body to rid it of nocuous symptoms. This by itself may initially have a beneficial effect, but sustaining pre-determined, ‘scientifically’ approved levels in the long run also gives rise to excess intake, drug-induced/drug dependent diseases and vyvamind ingredients. So the right natural herbal remedy, taken at the first physical symptoms, manifestations, or signs of the disorder, helps the body’s own healing mechanism. Since these are alternative natural medicine and a part of one’s daily diet, excess of any kind is excreted.

Herbs should always be gathered fresh, early in the morning when their natural oils are at the maximum-herbal natural oils are highly volatile, and the steadily increasing heat of the ascending sun depletes them.

Dosage of herbal home remedies and alternative medicine

Whatever is prescribed for an adult, half that for a child of 6-12 years; half that for one of 2-6 years; and half that for one 1-2 years old. Give it in drop doses to half a teaspoon to a baby. The alternative herbal home medicine is usually administered three to four times a day.

These alternative medicines should only be tried for a three-day period. If there is no relief from symptoms within that time, expert opinion is needed, with specific treatment under medical supervision. The alternative medicines can still be taken as complementary adjuvant’s, but with the consent of the specialist. Sometimes there are individual idiosyncrasies, depending on physical constitutional variations that need to be borne in mind. People may not be aware of this. If something does not agree with you, seek advice.

The bitter taste of an alternative herbal remedy will remain bitter, no matter how much you sugar coat it. But something which causes you to vomit, or break into a rash when it should not, means your body is telling you its not good for you to seek medical advice immediately. Also, remember that anything was taken in excess causes toxicity.

Some common ailments and diseases are characterized under different categories and can be healed by alternative herbal home remedies.