What Are Natural Antibiotics?

Antibiotics are found everywhere in natural. Natural antibiotics have both immense healing as well as immune building powers. You would be surprised at how healthy you can become when you learn how to prevent and treat common diseases or illnesses with these plant substances.

Common Natural Antibiotics

The most common sources are found right in your kitchen, as a substance found either in food or as a part of a supplement. Please pay attention carefully as to the benefits of these:

1. Garlic


It is amazing how powerful this substance really is. Just like onions, it is very potent in antioxidants. It assists in the treatment of coughs, flues, and other infectious diseases. It also has been used over the years (particularly during World War I as a way to heal minor ear and throat infections.

2. Vitamin C 

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)

Many natural cold, sore throat, cough, and fever remedies have this nutrient present in it. It also has been used as a part of a treatment of infections brought on by AIDS. It also treats polio, tetanus, diphtheria, and other more severe conditions.

3. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

This has been used in many situations in which an antiseptic is needed for wound cleaning. It helps prevent or eliminate current wound, sore, or infection found in the skin. It has been used in a variety of cases, such as for the treatment of hemorrhoids, ringworm, athlete’s food, jock itch, yeast infections, and nail fungus.

4. Witch Hazel

You can use this on just about any skin condition. It cleans out wounds and is milder for usage as a cleanser than treatments that are made with alcohol. This substance not only clears bacteria out of skin pores but it also helps tone the skin while clearing acne. It also has been used to treat hemorrhoids and many other external conditions.

5. Colloidal Silver

Okay, so this one maybe not as common, but has “special powers” just like any of the more well-known natural antibiotics. It often is used in water filters to slow down bacteria growth. This of course is a preventative measure, which helps keep people from getting sick as the bacteria is reduced or eliminated before it even enters the body.

6. Criticidal

This substance is taken from grapefruit. It dates back to 1976 when Doctor Louis Parish learned of what it can do. It slows the growth of bacteria and is often used as a drinking water additive. It has often been used for treating diaper rash in babies.

Precautions to Take

Please do not regard this as a substitute for expert medical advice. It is not meant to replace any treatments of diseases that are proven safer as well as more effective when treated in a medical setting.

Always discuss any intentions to participate in a home treatment plan with your doctor. Furthermore, seek as much information about various types of natural antibiotics as possible before using them.

This will help you prevent any dangerous reactions and it can help you gauge safe dosages. Many doctors and medical specialists approve of the use of herbal medicines. After all, these have been around since the beginning of time

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