7 Things You Eat (And Drink) That Will Ruin Your Lovely White Teeth

Everyone wants their teeth to be white forever. That means you will have to be careful because it’s easy to ruin them by eating certain things. You don’t want end up in the dentist’s chair having your teeth ripped from your mouth because you spent many years slowly destroying them.


It’s time you found out what food and drink is most likely to cause you the most trouble. In future you should think very carefully about what you put in your mouth. You only get one set of teeth and if you want to buy new ones they are very expensive.

Dreaded dried fruit

dried fruit

You might think dried fruit is healthy because it’s just fruit, but it’s terrible for your teeth. Think about how much sugar is contained in fruit. When it’s dried it is nice and sticky, so when you eat it a lot of sugar is going to be sticking to your teeth. It will also help to feed the bacteria inside your mouth which can lead to erosion.

Hard candy


I’m guessing you already knew hard candy wasn’t the best type of food in the world for your teeth. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that solid sugar is going to mess your mouth up. The sugar will stick to your teeth and it will take ages to dissolve because the candy is so hard. If you do eat any you should brush your teeth after you’ve finished.

Any kind of popcorn


It’s not even the type of popcorn you eat that causes problems. You might love sweet popcorn and it’s not great for your teeth, but as soon as you brush them the sugar will disappear. The real problem is the kernels that get stuck in between your teeth and inside your gums. If you don’t get rid of them when you floss you will end up with cavities because of the buildup of bacteria.

Sour citrus fruits

citrus fruit

Lemons and oranges taste great, but they are full of acid and sugar. That doesn’t mean you can’t eat them because you only need to rinse your mouth out with water once you’re done. The people who will suffer the most are the ones who like to bite on slices of lemons or oranges. You are literally bathing your teeth in a bath of acid which can’t be too good for them.

Sugary soda


This is another one you know you shouldn’t be touching with a 10ft bargepole, but you do because you’re addicted to it. That is the only way to explain why someone would enjoy drinking a bottle of sugar. If you’re going to keep drinking it you should definitely use a straw and you won’t end up with lots on your teeth.

Alcoholic drinks


Alcohol is not good for you because of the effect it has on your mouth. You stop producing enough salvia which is what helps wash away food particles in the first place. It’s alright to drink on a night out, but just remember to drink water in between each beer or wine. Alcoholics are going to end up with the most trouble because their mouth will always be dryer than usual.

Starchy food

Starchy food

Can you guess what the problem is with food like potato chips and white bread? It can get stuck inside your teeth easily. It needs to be taken out once you’ve finished your meal otherwise it’s going to feed the bacteria that makes up plaque. You should always have some tooth floss lying around and it will take you a few minutes to clean your teeth after each meal.

Today’s guest author is Dr. Diana Hall, a dentist based in Australia. She is well versed with the new laser dentistry techniques. She is an avid blogger and shares valuable tips on dental care and hygiene in her articles.

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