Amazing Uses Of Castor Oil In Your Daily Regime

The health benefits of castor oil are numerous, which is why this wondrous oil has been used for health and beauty purposes since old times. Did you know that the consumption of castor oil internally and its external application on the skin treats a lot of diseases and disorders and promises a healthy life? First and foremost, know why castor oil is good for your health and what all nutrients

Castor Oil

  • Castor Oil abundantly contains ricinoleic acid, which when consumed internally or externally, brings therapeutic results and therefore cures a lot of disorders.
  • Anti-microbial properties of this oil make it a powerful cure for yeast infections and guard the skin and body against any kind of bacterial infection.
  • Vitamin E and essential fatty acids are a boon to the skin and is especially effective in keeping the skin younger for longer periods of time and also smooth and moisturized.

Moisturize Your Skin

Massaging your skin every day with warm castor oil is an effective way to combat dryness in the winter season or even otherwise. You could apply it on your skin before going to bed and an quick way to extract maximum benefits from this oil is to add few drops of it into your bathing water.

Control Your Hair Breakage

If you have been tired of gathering heavy bunches of hair strands from your comb, then do not lose heart. Massage castor oil on the scalp and leave it overnight. Try not to rub the scalp too harshly as it would result in even more breakage. Wash off in the morning and use a natural conditioner after washing. Do this treatment thrice a week for best results.

Increase hair Volume

Staring at the thick braid of the girl walking in front of you or wishingly gazing at the flowing tresses of your colleagues would not make your own hair grow stockier! Regular massage of castor oil would boost the growth of your hair and thicken the hair volume.

Effective Dandruff Cure

Dandruff harms your scalp terribly as the growth of your hair stops, the natural moisture of the scalp goes away and the dry flakes clog the hair roots and prevent them to absorb nutrition. Apply 3 tea spoons of lemon juice along with 3 tea spoons of castor oil to your hair. Let it stay for 3 hours and then wash off with warm water.

Guard Against Yeast Infection

Yeast infection often makes your scalp and skin grow itchy. The infection also carries a risk of infecting the other skin areas of the body. Treating the skin with castor oil with camphor powder mixed in it cures yeast infection quickly and effectively.

Treat Blemishes and Dark Spots

You certainly would not be happy living with those ugly dark spots and blemishes, not to mention acne scars which make you look and feel so undesirable. Regular use of castor oil on the skin can minimize these imperfections greatly. Also when mixed with honey and few drops of lemon, it also brightens the skin complexion.

Ease Your Skin Inflammation

If you are constantly being troubled by skin rashes, redness, swelling, breakouts and intense itching on the skin or on the hair scalp, try using castor oil overnight on it. The oil kills away any bacteria present on the surface and its moisture content soothes the irritated area.

Get Relieved From Arthritis

Because castor oil is blessed with anti-inflammatory properties and is also rich in ricinoleic acid, you now possess a chance to ease your joint pain and arthritis by massaging warm castor oil with a few drops of clove oil into it. The pain would vanish almost magically and the tissues would become even stronger.

Bye-Bye Constipation

Castor oil was used as an intense laxative in past by the people. While it did ease the bowel movements, there was a risk of getting kidney disorder as it interfered in the natural functioning of the excretory system. However, if used in minimum quantities while cooking, or applying castor oil externally on the naval area, you could benefit greatly and can bid good bye to constipation forever.

Say No To Dysmenorrhea

Stomach cramps during your menstrual cycle is a very common problem in women and is often experienced by every third woman in the world. If you massage your naval, stomach area and the pubis seven days before your periods are due, it would reduce the pain up to a very large extent.

Do NOT Use Castor Oil:

  • You are in the phase of pregnancy or are in the midst of lactating period. This is if you are planning to consume it through food.
  • The people who are suffering from intestinal blockage or appendicitis should also not consume castor oil
  • While castor oil is great for the skin, do not use this oil on your face too frequently. The oil is too dense and could lead to breakouts on the skin due to clogging of skin pores.
  • If you have an eye infection or your eyes are sensitive to inflammation, then it would be better if you keep this oil away from the eye area and the eye lashes.

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