Blood Pressure Diet

The importance of the right food

Proper diet and regular exercises can prevent blood pressure easily. Person suffering from high blood pressure should avoid high amount of sodium, saturated fats and alcohol intake. There are lots of nutrients that prevent high blood pressure. For example omega 3 fats, potassium, soluble fibers, garlic, magnesium, vitamin C etc.

Garlic has blood thinning and purifying properties so it lowers blood pressure significantly.

Fibers are present in oats, peas, beans, citrus fruits etc. they play a key role in reducing blood pressure and blood cholesterol.

Potassium again lowers blood pressure significantly. It is present in tomatoes, potatoes, beans etc.

The importance of the component of food

Magnesium widens the blood vessels and lowers and controls blood pressure. The best sources for magnesium are spinach, chocolate, almond, nuts, barley etc.

Vitamin C makes the blood vessels flexible thus they become wider and hence decreasing blood pressure. So vitamin C plays a vital role in blood pressure level maintenance. High doses of vitamin C are present in all the citrus fruits, oranges, cabbage, red peppers etc.

Fruits and vegetables are great source of energy, low calories, and significantly regulate blood pressure level and cholesterol. So blood pressure patients are advised to take lot of fruits and vegetables.

Alcohol directly raises blood pressure and thus damages the walls of blood vessels.

Too much of salt intake can again make high blood pressure even worse. Thus reduced sodium intake is strongly advised to blood pressure patients.

Saturated fats are very bad for blood vessels and heart as well.

Balanced high blood pressure diet should include moderate amount of fats and salts.

Monosaturated fats like olive oil etc are suggested to the blood pressure patients.they should opt for whole grains over white flour.

Regular exercise keeps arteries elastic, even in older people, thus ensures normal blood flow and blood pressure.

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