Canadian Pharmacy – A Major Help to U.S. Citizens

Canadian pharmacies are one of the safe and low cost prescription drugs which are supplied safely. At a survey it was found that about 50 million people in U.S. are not covered by sufficient medicines. If we compare the expenses done on prescription medication between U.S. and other countries, U.S. is much ahead in terms of expenses and also it could be unaffordable instead of medical coverage. Currently, almost everybody in U.S. is purchasing prescription drugs online from pharmacists who are based in Canada, especially the old people.

The cost of drugs in U.S. can be reduced by importing low cost medicines or directly from manufacturer. Pharmacy companies need to maximize the profit to provide sufficient funds for the research and development. It will lead to a heavy loss in monetary part somewhere in billions or trillions of dollars to pharmaceutical industry and thus retrain the capability of companies to spend money in pharmaceutical research, only if imports are allowed.

The comparison of the price between cities and border area is too high. Prices of medicines in border area are too low compared to main U.S. and it shows that the Canadian pharmacy is getting popular day by day. However Canadian pharmacy is yet not approved by FDA, but it has the same standards which are made by FDA.

Although Canadian pharmacy drugs are low in cost, but then also it is advisable to do some research before going ahead and buying any of the pharmacy online. Things such as the cost of the pharmacy, delivery charges and the quality of the drugs need to be checked before placing an order.

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