Five Of The Fda Approved Hgh Products

The body losses it natural ability to produce HGH hormone gradually as we age. But then it has been noticed that there is a loss in the production of this hormone due to various other reasons like ailments, poor nutritional diet etc. It then becomes important that we use HGH products to improve the production of HGH in the body naturally.

The need to use HGH products which have been approved by the FDA has become essential as a number of HGH products are easily available in the market today. FDA approved HGH products follow the norms set by the FDA and are trust worthy, but then even if HGH products have the approval of the FDA you need to consult your doctor before using these HGH products as the results vary from person to person.

Listed below are HGH products that have the FDA approval

Saizen HGH: This comes in injectable form and is not available without the doctor’s prescription. It is administered under the skin with the help of an injectable needle. This product cannot be taken orally because the stomach acids act on this hormone destroying all the qualities before the body can absorb it into the blood stream. To be administered ones daily at night until the person reaches puberty. It is known to enhance the growth of the cells, bones and other bodily organs.

HGH full spectrum HGH with IGF-1 and GHRH Spray: Comes in a spray form it is used to release growth hormone. It also helps increase the production of the growth hormone. It is known to energize the body’s working system.

Omnitrope: This treatment is prescribed for children having growth related problems due to the insufficient secretion of the growth hormone. Time period of this treatment is long as it takes time for the body to produce HGH hormone naturally. This treatment is also administered to adults facing HGH deficiency which can be right through childhood or may be required only during adulthood. This HGH product is made from naturally occurring ingredients.

Arginine: A performance booster HGH product used by athletes, this product is known to burn the extra fats and helps build body muscles and improves the immune system of the body. It has also been used to enhance the sexual power in men. The dosage of this product should not exceed more than 10gms per day and should be taken on empty stomach or at least one hour prior to exercising and before going to bed.

Humatrope HGH: A synthetic hormone this comes in the form of sterile freeze dry powder. It is used to treat stunted growth caused due to the insufficient secretion of somatotrophic endogenous hormone. This is administered to girls who suffer from Turner’s syndrome. This is administered to the patient only by a registered medical practiceoner.

You need to note down the effect on HGH as sometimes an accidental overdose may have side effects. Even though these above mentioned products have been FDA approved you still need to consult your doctor before choosing any of these products as they are the best guides to tell you which of these HGH products can help you get over your HGH deficiency.

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