GenF20 Plus Supplement

How do the rich and famous manage to look so young and energetic? Is it the food they eat? Or the happiness and contentment that comes with having money and fame? Or are they simply endowed with good health and long life? The answer seems to be a bit of all of these combined with a secret that will probably astound you. They take the GenF20 Plus supplement to preserve their youth, energy and vitality.

What is GenF20 Plus supplement?

The manufacturers of GenF20 Plus claim that it is the most complete HGH releaser ever created. But what is HGH and what does it do? You probably did not pay attention in your science class or have not been listening to CNN and Oprah if you have never heard of it. HGH is the short form of Human Growth Hormone which is a special hormone produced by the pituitary gland located in the brain. This hormone is makes children grow at such as fast rate that they do. But this hormone is important throughout our life because it strengthens our bones and muscles, improves our immunity against diseases, improves our memory and vision, improves the elasticity of skin and recues wrinkles, improves heart function and renews energy, and increases libido and enhances sexual performance.

Deficiency of HGH in the body results in saggy skin, wrinkles, tiredness, loss of immunity to diseases, and loss of energy and vitality. This is what begins to happen to us in our forties.

What are the components of GenF20 Plus?

As we get older, the pituitary gland in our brain gradually decreases the release of HGH hormone. As stated above, GenF20 Plus is an HGH releaser, which means that it promotes the release of the HGH hormone by the pituitary glands. The more HGH hormone that is released, the healthier we become. Good health is precondition for a strong and energetic body and youthful looks. The GenF20 Plus supplement comes in two forms – as a tablet and as an oral spray, which complement each other. They are both made of a combination of the HGH hormone and an array of amino acids that are essential for our body. Amino acids, as you may be aware, are the building blocks of protein. These proteins promote the release of HGH hormone, improve metabolism, diminish wrinkles and laugh lines, strengthen bones and muscles, improve immunity against diseases, and increase libido and improve sexual performance. The spray comes with Alpha GPC amino acid that is a powerful releaser of HGH hormone.

Is it safe for consumption?

GenF20 Plus tablet and spray are fully FDA-approved oral supplements that can be taken without the doctor’s prescription. As they are made of 100% natural ingredients and no chemicals are added in any form, they are totally safe for human consumption. Thousands of people have had this supplement and so far there has not been a single report anywhere regarding any negative side effects of the products. There is not even the risk of overdose in case you take more than the recommended dose. This makes them ideal for people of all age groups and health conditions.

What’s the recommended dose?

The recommended dose for GenF20 Plus tablet is 4 pills per day for best effect. For spray, the dose is 6 sprays per day. You do not need a doctor’s prescription to have the supplement. As stated above, there is no risk of overdose if you have more than the recommended dose. This is because it is filled with the very ingredients that our body is made of.

How fast does it work?

If the recommended dose is taken daily without fail, you can lose your wrinkles and regain your vitality within 90 days. However, you must combine that with a healthy lifestyle, which basically means a balanced diet and regular exercise. If you are over 80 or 90, it may not be able to erase your wrinkles, but it will still give you energy and vitality, and protect you from diseases, according to the manufacturers. This is the reason it has become popular with people of all age groups, including the very old.

Can it also promote weight loss?

A lot of people wonder if it can also be used as a weight loss supplement. If you are purely looking to lose your weight, then there may be other methods are work faster than GenF20 Plus because it is really not made for that purpose. However, it has been known to promote weight loss. The L-form amino acids increase metabolism to produce more energy for the body. By combining this HGH supplement with a balanced diet and regular exercise, you can burn the fat around your waistline.

What are people saying about it?

I am a short man in my thirties and I have always been secretly embarrassed by my lack of height. So the main reason I decided to try GenF20 Plus after hearing about its amazing properties was to see if I would be able to gain a few inches, at least. To tell the truth, it didn’t work that way. I guess I was a bit too old for that. However, after a few months I began to feel some changes. I now look younger, healthier and more energetic. The result: I am now in love with a beautiful woman who is a head taller than me. She says that she doesn’t care about my height as long as I am youthful, healthy and a tiger in bed. LOLs!!!” – Peter Simmons, Baltimore

I am sixty and look like forty. I am not saying this. People tell me every day and ask me the secret of my youthful looks. I tell them that it’s in my genes. But the truth is that I take a daily dose of GenF20 Plus without fail. It has helped me preserve my youth and also the energy to live an active life. Not too bad for a sixty years old woman, I must say.” – Angie Powell, Detroit

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