Home Remedies To Clean Mold

If you are attempting to clean up a mold problem you can use home remedies instead of hazardous store-bought solutions. The safe home solutions you use will help you, but still you should take proper precautions when attempting to get rid of mold in your house.

Initial Preparation (Precautions)

In order to prepare for your job of cleaning out mold you should use gloves, face, mask, and eye protection. However, before you even start trying to tackle this mold problem you might want to have it assessed by a professional in case of a possible health hazard.

In any case, you should always practice allowing proper ventilation into the spots where mold has taken root. This can be a challenge as mold often grows in enclosed, moist areas of a home.

However, any way you can allow air in would be helpful. Further explanation is provided in the next section entitled “Ways to Remove Mold.”

Ways to Remove Mold

There are several ways to remove mold. The first method about ventilation is a continuation of a description provided above.

Ventilation-If you allow air into a place where mold has started to grow, the mold will start to die. This is because this living substance usually only grows in areas where air is trapped and where oxygen levels are lowest. Therefore, the most basic step would be to open the windows.

However, mold can be stubborn and it can still remain in an area even if you try to manually remove it. Therefore, you might need to find another method as described next in this list.

However, before we move on from this you should know that you can prevent further mold growth by opening the windows frequently. You can also put in exhaust fans in certain locations of the home, such as the bathroom, kitchen, or basement.

Plumbing repair-If you want to get rid of molds it might be time for you to inspect your indoor piping. You are advised to look for structural leaks as well as signs of water damage. You should also prevent water from collecting and remaining in areas where no proper drainage exists. All of this can help prevent mold.

Direct sunlight-If the sun shines right on a moldy spot it can help slow or stop mold growth. Therefore, if you are dealing with this problem that typically occurs in moist, dark, areas you should consider finding a way to expose the area to the sun. This includes any and all dark and moist nooks, corners, cracks, and crevices.

Bleach and water-A mixture of 1 part bleach to 16 parts water can do wonders when you are trying to get rid of mold. It will not only eliminate the mold but it will also kill any odor resulting from the presence of mold. Before you use this bleach and water solution, however, you should first clean the area with mild dish soap and water. Then allow the area to dry completely.

Vinegar or other not-toxic ingredient-Vinegar directly applied to the mold can really do the trick. For easy application you might want to put some pure vinegar in a spray bottle and then apply it. Then, scrub off this substance.

An alternative to using vinegar would be to fill a spray bottle with grapefruit seed extract diluted in water. You might also find that regular grapefruit juice helps. Tea tree oil diluted in water might also help immensely.

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