How Remedial Massage Can Benefit You

Everybody knows that getting a massage can leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. After a hard day’s work, a whole body massage can feel extremely rewarding. Even a simple foot massage can do wonders. But have you ever heard of a massage that can do more than make you feel good?

A remedial massage is more than a relaxation massage, it can be a therapeutic one. This massage treats the entire body. The best part is, through a remedial massage you can trace a discomfort to its original cause so you can treat both the symptom and the cause of the disorder. So how can this type of massage benefit you?

 Remedial Massage

Relieves Pain

Remedial massage uses special techniques such as trigger point therapy and myofascial release that can reduce discomfort and help relieve pain. Through these techniques connective tissues and muscles can be stretched and lengthened. Because of this a sense of relaxation and more movement can be experienced by the patient. Through this type of massage patients can also quickly recover from muscular strain or musculoskeletal pain that may have been brought about by a sports injury. This is because the massage causes the tissue to be flushed of lactic acid and other types of metabolic wastes.

Even in pregnant women, remedial massage can also help ease headaches, back pains and leg pains usually experienced during the later part of pregnancy. It is good to note though that pregnant women who have not had this type of massage before need to wait after the first trimester to get one.

Treats Injuries and Ailments

Aside from relieving pain, remedial massage can also help treat injuries and ailments. Getting a complete massage that deals with all of the body’s muscles, does all these for you:

  • Relaxes muscle tension
  • Stimulates flow of blood in the muscles
  • Breaks down and eliminates toxins
  • Enhances oxygenation of the brain
  • Relaxes nervous system and mind

Among the ailments that can be treated are tension headaches, anxiety, insomnia, depression, constipation, and high blood pressure. Remedial massage is also suggested for the management of stress and for the treatment of stress-related conditions.

General Wellbeing

With all the positive effects- both physical and emotional- that remedial massage can bring, it largely contributes to the general wellbeing of a person. This is because as the muscle fibres flush out toxins, it opens up the muscles for oxygenated blood to enter. Through this the immune system is strengthened and a person’s energy levels are increased. The massage also prompts the release of endorphins and it reduces the levels of stress hormones. Because of all these there is an increased calmness and vitality in a person and a boost in general wellbeing is experienced.

Some people may think getting a massage is more of a luxury and is not really something that is absolutely necessary for the body. A therapeutic remedial massage though is definitely more than this, and is in fact needed by the body to treat certain injuries and ailments, to relieve pains and strains experienced by the body and to experience a general sense of wellbeing.

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