Make the Arms Race Personal

When your arms are impressive, your self-confidence improves and you just begin to feel better about yourself.  It’s important to choose the right arm exercises that work all of the muscle groups that you have in your arms so that you’ll be well-defined and have an attractive physique that you want to achieve.  You must realise that there are no shortcuts to working your arms and developing the muscle mass that you desire but if you use three basic compound exercises, you can add inches to and strengthen your arms a great deal.  It’s important to build your strength and power in your entire body, not just the arm areas and by using these reps you can increase your arm size and your body’s overall physical condition with just a little hard work and sweat equity.

Woman Measuring Biceps

Chin-ups.  This first exercise works your biceps and also increases the strength and appearance of your lats, traps, abs, and rhomboids.  You’ll feel more upper body power and begin to see a difference in your muscles quite soon.  To do this exercise effectively you should:

  • Find a fixed bar, grab it with your hands about shoulder-width apart, and pull up as fast as possible; your goal is to get your head higher than your hands are.  Maintain control and lower yourself slowly to the original position.
  • Do about four sets of these chin-ups.
  • Each set should include about twelve reps. If this is too easy to do, add weights to your waistline.
  • Use a partner to help you at first if you struggle with the reps.

Tricep Pushes with One Leg.  With this exercise, you’ll be working your triceps and begin to feel the burn in your shoulder areas of your muscles stretching effectively.  You’ll also get some workout for your abs on this one if you tighten them as you go through the exercise.  For this exercise you should:

  • Face a cable column and grab the bar.
  • Use an overhand grip at the height of your chest.
  • Freeze your elbows and take your dominant foot off the floor.
  • Pull the bar up to your thighs or higher if you can.
  • Remember that the only part of your body that should be moving is your forearm moving at your elbow.
  • Alternate your feet for a complete workout.

You’ll want to do about five sets of these with twelve reps in each set.  Remember to breathe deeply and stretch your muscles as much as you can.

Dumb-bell workouts.  If you do both curls and presses with this exercise you’ll work your biceps and triceps.  The bonus muscles that receive benefits from this exercise are your deltoids and abs. For this exercise:

  • Stand with your legs shoulder-with apart.
  • Hold dumb-bells at your side fully extending your arms.  Curl them up to your chest and press them over your head.
  • You’ll want to do five sets of twelve reps during this part of your workout.

If you need more help with bulking out, you may want to use kettlebells or a bar-bell to add weight which causes more bulk to your muscles.  Remember to tighten up the muscles that you want to impact for maximum workout.

When you want to make the arms race in your life more personal, use the three exercises above to give you a head start on the competition.

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