The most important and precise word heard about multi-level marketing is known as Mannatech. It is a global firm which engages on distribution as well as research of the glyconutrients. The head quarters of Mannatech are located in Coppell, Texas which was found in the year 1994 by Sam Caster. It covers many destinations such as Australia, Canada, United States, Japan, Republic of Korea, Denmark, United Kingdom, Mexico and Germany. Mannatech was figured out to be one of the two hundred best small companies in the Forbes magazine in the year 2006. It was rated number five among all.

It was in the year 2006, the research agreement was done and signed by Mannatech. In this study it was invested in funding a research in relation to Ambrotose. Ambrotose is the word with which Mannatech is mostly related to. Ambrotose is a glyconutritional dietary supplement ingredient which consists of monosaccharides or sugar molecules which is known as the leading product. The company also claims that the products produced by them are naturally occurring which are derived from plants and of carbohydrates based ingredients. These are told to be designed in such a way that the nutrients work through the normal physiology for helping to achieve and also to maintain the finest health in the best way possible and not to develop something synthetically or with just carbohydrate based yield like other companies.

On December 31, 2006, the multinational firm introduced newer products such as twenty four nutritional products, three topical products, seven different skin care products and also the weight management system consisting of four different products. But the company official never claims that the products launched by them are for treating any kind of illness or for curing any type of diseases.

Mannatech is the company which states that the finest health starts at the cellular level. Therefore, with the proper functioning of body’s cells indirectly the body’s tissues and organs would naturally function well. Hence, in total it could be said that with the proper functioning of tissues and organs the whole body would enjoy a pleasant health. Thus, with the Ambrotose indulgence it is made possible.

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