Natural Remedies to remove Dark Circles In Your Eyes

Natural Remedies

Of course a healthy diet and regular sleep pattern will benefit anyone suffering from dark circles under eyes. There are a few very simple but effective home treatments available to help aid the problem in combination with eating healthy and fresh foods and getting plenty of sleep
Cosmetic Cotton Wool Soaked in Milk or Witch Hazel – Easier to obtain, milk is the quickest option to make dark under eye circles less apparent. Soak squares of cotton wool in a cup of (not too cold!) milk and place the squares on the closed eyes and around the eyes for at least ten minutes.
Chilled Cucumber Slices – Cucumber does for the outside of your body what drinking water does for the inside of the body. Leaving thin slices of cucumber on the dark ring under the eye will make the dark area virtually disappear. Leave on for at least ten minutes.
Cooled Chamomile Tea Bags – Chamomile is known for its soothing and skin healing properties. A used chamomile teabag, cooled down, must be placed on the dark area. Leaving this treatment on for at least 20 minutes will help make dark circles under eyes disappear. You will even benefit more from this treatment if the area is moisturised afterwards.

Natural remedies are often just as effective as expensive face or eye creams. The effect will be the same if applied regularly but even thought dark circles eyes can even be hereditary, the diet and sleep pattern are usually to blame for this problem.

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