Parents should know about the CDC’s guidelines for reopening schools

In this era of the Coronavirus Pandemic, one needs to be highly careful about dealing with others as the opposite person may be a career of the virus, which can lead to infection to others. For parents, it is a tough time as the schools are closed as of now. The authorities are planning to reopen the schools but looking for the guidelines from the CDC. It is the department that keeps a vigil on the situation due to COVID19.

The reopening of schools in this fall season has become an important political debate across the United States. In this regard, the CDC has issued a lot of new guidelines for safely reopening the schools. If you plan to send your kids to schools, you need to understand them in a detailed manner. First, doctors believe that children can have a lot of setbacks socially and emotionally when they are kept away from learning for a long duration. The prolonged lockdown has made it difficult for kids to access educational material across the world, and the CDC is planning to improve the situation by providing proper guidelines.

CDC says children are less likely to experience severe COVID 19

This statement from the CDC did not go down well with some sections of people as they felt that political motives were seen in that statement. However, the CDC maintained that children are not the primary source of transmission of COVID 19, and this gives them some assurance with regards to the above statement. They also mentioned that the guidelines will be updated as and when they learn new things about the COVID 19 disease.

What do doctors say about the situation?

Doctors believe that even though the safety measures are taken properly, there is no way of eliminating infection risk. It has happened in the recent past with various summer camps, and it may also happen in schools when they reopen in this season. However, the schools have to reopen at some point, and managing the situation locally in an organized way will help to reduce the risks by a huge margin. They also understand the importance of providing education to children at this stage.

When it comes to commenting on the statements of the CDC with regards to children not being primary carriers, many doctors also agree with this based on recent data. Recent studies have shown that children are less likely to spread the disease, and even when they do, it will not be something similar to the way adults spread the disease. In this regard, they believe that schools’ reopening can be done in a phased manner with proper social distancing and other safety precautions. Most of the schools are preparing for this situation, and it will be interesting to see if there will be any surge in the number of cases after the reopening of schools. In that situation, the CDC may issue a fresh set of guidelines to tackle the problem.

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