Relapse – The Biggest Threat of Quitting the Smoking Addiction

Addictions are major psychological, physical and social problems that specialists in all fields of expertise try to manage and solve, helping the victims of alcohol abuse, drugs, smoking, gambling to get another chance and a better quality of life. A smoking addiction implies not only substance addiction but also a behavioral one. Programs have been created, specialists trained, results were obtained and many people are smoke-free and leaving a happy life.

Still, the risk of relapse is a heavy burden on the shoulders of the ones who tried to get out of the self-destructive path. While talking the circle of addiction, some observations have to stand out, as they are necessary in order to understand better the kind the exposure former smokers face every day.

Specialists from The Smoking Cessation Health Center offer two working concepts: the slip and the relapse


The Slip

A slip is when a smoker who has quit smokes one or two cigarettes”, WebMD specialists explain. This is not so terrible, health experts say, as the individual can pass this moment of weakness and continue his non-smoking program and life

Suggestions for avoiding the slip in the future

  • Find nicotine replacements: patches, gum, medicines, electronic – cigarettes. They don’t act like infallible methods of quitting smoking, but they will be a friend in need along with the more complex program, treatment, coaching and other aids. As BLU for instance describes its products, they look and feel like real cigarettes but they are not tobacco cigarettes. So if you slipped just because you were in a social, emotional, physical context that triggered in your head the need to light a cigarette or just keep your fingers busy, this may be one solution among others.
  • Talk to somebody about the slip. Others found themselves in the same situation. Exchanging experience, talking tips and tricks, having somebody there for you is a lot way better than dealing with this all alone.
  • Don’t feel bad about yourself and don’t feel guilty. Also, don’t think that if you slipped once, you’ll do it over and over, so you’d better start smoking again. Keep being a person who is in course of feeling better. A slip is not the worse that could happen.

The Relapse

The same WebMD resources state that “A relapse is when a smoker who has quit returns to regular smoking”. This is however something one should be concerned with and prevent this from happening

Suggestions for avoiding to relapse in the future

  • Consider carefully if you relapsed because of nicotine withdrawal or you just missed the entire behavioral complex that represents smoking. If it was the nicotine, add some side treatments with the help of your doctor. If it was the behavior, it’s impossible to avoid it forever, but learn what to expect and what you should do. There are coaching programs designed exactly for this type of problem.
  • Don’t just try to quit smoking, but make some changes in your lifestyle as well. They are all connected: diet, sports, sleeping habits, working schedule, free time spending
  • Plan ahead: one relapse might discourage you to continue with your goal, but knowing what you know, make predictions about your future and learn to recognize and ignore the triggers. It takes lots of effort but the results may be very satisfactory.

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