What’s In The Covid-19 Vaccines?

Novel Coronavirus or COVID 19 has made a strong impact on the world living no area spared. The virus has a severe impact on the human body and has taken many lives across the globe. With the global pandemic situation, it has made many people struggle for survival under different condition. With the spread of the virus, the expert scientists have also pulled up socks and started making vaccines that can help one control the effect of the virus in case of infection. Hence it is believed as a good option for people in the coming days, and the risk of losing life may be controlled.

With the introduction of the vaccine only, many people wonder what is there in the Covid 19 vaccine and how will it be able to help them keep this menace away. Well here are answers to some questions related to Covid 19 vaccine.

What is there in the vaccine?

The vaccine for COVI 19 will increase the immunity of the body with the help of which it will be able to check the virus that can cause Corona. It will also block the way by which the virus gets incubated in the body. The protein shells in the protein-based vaccine can copy the virus and stops it from being spread in the body. In the viral vector vaccine also the system of stopping this virus from spreading in the body is similar, and with the help of the immune system response, only it will prevent the virus of Corona.

Is it safe to go for?

As per experts, these vaccines are safe as they are carried out through various clinical trials and have shown encouraging results. Till now, except for a few cases, there is no result of severe damage to anyone. In these few cases also, many other factors were responsible as per the vaccine developers. Hence these vaccines are a safe option to stay protected against coronavirus.

Will there be any side effects?

Yes, there will be some temporary side effects of the vaccine. One may feel nausea, fatigue and fever for a few days after vaccination. However, such symptoms are considered as common for most of the vaccines, and hence there is no need to worry about it. After a few days of vaccination, one can work like before. The vaccine will be provided in two shots with a fixed interval.

Who should take it?

Though it is said that everyone needs to go for the vaccine to stay protected against the infection of coronavirus; initially, those who may come in close contact with infected people should take it. One must consider various factors, as some vaccines are not suitable for people with specific allergies. Hence they need to act prudently while going for any vaccine. It is better to reveal the medical condition before an expert while deciding for any vaccine to avoid any health hazard.

Many countries have started vaccination programs, and as per experts, people must go for it to overcome the disease of coronavirus over a period.

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