Lentigines: Signs, Symptoms and Home Remedies


In the common language the Lentigines are described as the liver bad skin conditions or liver spots. They are also known with the name sun spots or age spots. The bad skin condition skin is called as age spots just because it is found in the people of some good age lets say in the people of age forty to forty five and these bad skin conditions becomes worst with the age. Lentigines basically are a kind of harmless skin injuries or cuts or lesions which are often seen on the skin of sun exposed parts. They are most commonly seen on the face, back and back of hands.

The injuries which are known as lesions during Lentigines are not regular and their size may vary. The size of each lesion can be from one to two centimeters. The skin in which the lesions are present is flat, there is no outgrowth of skin and they have definite borders. They look really very ugly because of their dark color and irregular shape.

Though Lentigines does not cause any damage to the health of the person but it is a cosmetic problem. Because of these spots person loses his or her confidence and quality of life. As these spots make person look older and thus they make him unconfident.

The major cause of Lentigines occurs due to heavy increase in number of pigment cells in the superficial layer of the skin. But one should remain conscious about the behavior of lesions. If the size of lesions increases gradually or their thickness changes or their color changes, then the person should consult his or her skin expert for the biopsy in order to rule out the existence of skin cancer.

Although according to the survey there is no treatment required for the Lentigines one can live for whole life these spots, but because it’s a cosmetic problem so people opt or look for number of treatments. The other important thing is that in order to prevent the skin from Lentigines one should avoid exposing his or her skin to sun for long duration.

Lentigines Signs and Symptoms

The presence of spots is the only reason or warning sign for the Lentigines else there is no other warning sign. These spots occur in irregular shape look very ugly and are dark in color. Another very important characteristic of these lesions is that they are not overgrowing or they are flat; in simple language they are not grown above the skin. One may see them on the back sides of hands, face and back. The portions of the skin which are often or frequently exposed to the sun are at risk of getting Lentigines. One can feel their presence by looking at him or herself in the mirror. The areas of skin which are never exposed to the sun are never affected by Lentigines at all such as inner thighs are never attacked by the spots of Lentigines.

Home Remedies For Lentigines

  1. A very effective treatment for Lentigines is topical application of vitamin C. When vitamin C is used in combination with alpha hydroxyacids, results are better.
  2. The latest treatments for Lentigines involve use of alpha hydroxyl acid gels and beta hydroxyl gels. Apply these lotions on the dark spots twice a day; in the morning and at night.
  3. Lemon juice is another effective cure. Due to its natural bleaching properties it helps to fade the spots within weeks. Simply dab the juice on your skin twice a day and then wash it off after about an hour. Watch the spots fade away in weeks.
  4. Treatment of solar Lentigines with a focal medium-depth chemicals’ peel might be clinically superior as compared to treatments with cryosurgeries. Vitamin C, an antioxidant and vitamin C would help tissue repairing and hence, advised to be taken 15mg a day for 1-2 months.
  5. Castor oil will have the same effect on the age spots as lime juice and Aloe Vera will. In the case of castor oil, you need to massage the oil into your skin twice a day and do not wash it off.

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